Create a closed group in Viber messenger

Create a closed group in Viber messenger

In reality, it is impossible to make a group chat (not a community, but exactly a "normal" group) to be completely closed, that is, one in which the incorporation of a new participant must necessarily be approved by the administration, in Viber. However, following the recommendations suggested in the article, an administrator of this type of association can considerably limit the access of unauthorized persons to it.

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Bringing a group of messaging users to a closed (private) state through the Viber app for Android boils down to performing a few operations:

    1. Remove the group chat invitation link. Doing so will close one of the possible group entries for all messenger users, even if you have previously actively used link distribution to attract new participants to the conversation: Read also: Viber for Android group invitation link

      • Open the messenger, go to the group you manage.
      • Open the list of chat options. To do this, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the chat screen and then select "Information". in the menu that appears.
      • Click on the penultimate option above the list of joined users - «Invite by link».. Then tap on the item "Disconnect link." and confirm the courier's request.
    2. Remove all "superfluous" users in your opinion from the group chat. As you have deactivated the invite link by following the above instruction, group members who have previously joined and now deleted will not be able to return to the chat.Read more: Remove a member from a group chat in Viber for Android

  1. Ban the addition of new Viber users to a group chat by people who have already joined it since its "Contacts".Read also: How to add a new member to a Viber group chat

    There is no special option for this operation in the messenger, so you will have to notify the group members of their status "Closed". sending a message. The best solution would be to block your request in the chat room long enough for the information to be delivered.

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  2. Here the possibilities of "closing" a group in Viber end. If in the future, and despite your demands, the list of chat members is added without your consent, all that remains is to manually delete the new users (point # 2 of these instructions).


Differences in specific actions leading to certain results in Viber for iOS and Android are stated only due to slightly different approaches to the organization of the service application interface for the specified operating system, so to make a group closed on the iPhone c messenger you need to follow the above algorithm. The manipulations in the program without explanation of its meaning (already described in the previous instruction of this article) are carried out as follows:

  1. Open the messenger, go to the group chat that you manage and that you want to make closed.
  2. Press the name of the group at the top to access its "Settings".. On the screen that appears, scroll to the area "Participants".and then press «Invite by link». above the list of users added to the chat.
  3. Press "Disconnect link."Confirm with the button. «OK» received from Viber request.
  4. Go back to the group information and settings screen and, if necessary, remove users who should not be members of the "closed" association. Read more: How to remove members of a Viber group from iPhone
  5. Warn members of a group chat that it is unacceptable to add other people to the chat without administrator approval, for example by pinning the requirement at the top of the conversation Read more: How to pin a message in a group chat Viber from iPhone


In Viber for Windows, there is no option to disable the group chat invite link, and therefore it is unrealistic to make the association of service members as private as possible from a computer or laptop.

Perform the operations described in the previous recommendations of this article using the "main" messenger on a mobile phone, and its effect will be extended to the desktop client of the system automatically and due to synchronization.

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