Create a group on Steam

Create a group on Steam

Any active Steam user can create his own group, in which he will publish a wide variety of content: create news and events on a certain topic, conveniently communicate with his clan mates, game server, write reviews. At first, you just have to create it, and it is not that difficult to do.

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Create your own group on Steam

It is important to note from the outset that your account should not carry the status "Restricted".. This rule applies to those profiles that have not met one of the main verification conditions as a user - not deposited to Steam-wallet or spent for games of the amount equivalent to $ 5. We cover this topic in more detail in our other article on not adding friends - this prohibition also appears on restricted accounts. See Mode 1 for the details of your account validation.

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All other users can get started by following the instructions below.

    1. From any Steam window, go to the subsection "Groups".hovering over your nickname at the top of the window.
    2. In the left panel, find the button «Create a group ...».

    1. The first thing you will have to do is come up with its name, then the abbreviation (it will appear in small print to the right of the name), a personal link. Decide immediately if the group will be open or not by leaving the corresponding box blank or by checking the box. The type of closed group can be selected after its creation.
    2. At this point, verify that the data you have entered is correct and press again "Create"..
    3. Done - you are now the creator of a complete group, which, however, needs to be configured and filled with content. But first, you are asked to fill in additional fields, such as "Qualification"., "About myself"., "Language". etc. Here you can also always change the given abbreviation and personal link if you are no longer happy with them. Note that this menu can also be accessed through the "Edit group profile" option. "Management".. Next we will show you how to enter the menu itself.
    4. The main tasks will be carried out through a block "Management".located at the bottom right of the screen. However, if you click on any of its items, you will end up in the settings menu, where you will find a more advanced group management menu on the right hand side. That is what we will see next.

    • Make an announcement.. Using the format (do not forget to press the key «Help with the format».If you want to create nice announcements), you can post some news.

Often the first announcement is a greeting and an introduction to the group's topic, but it can also get straight to the point, such as drafting bylaws.

Click the appropriate button to publish. The ad will appear immediately on the main page, and any user can read it and leave a comment.

    • «See hidden ads». If you check the box next to "Save a hidden draft of the ad."it will not be seen by any user.

Please note that published listings cannot be hidden, they can only be deleted. Here you can only hide what is not yet in the public domain, that is, undeveloped drafts.

You have the option to view, modify, and post at any time by going to the hidden listings view tab.

    • "Schedule an event.". Events are typically created to notify community members of broadcasts, upcoming matches, and other news where notification timing plays an important role.

Then on the tab. «Events». what you have planned will appear.

    • "Choose the player of the week.". Informal reward to a group member who has stood out and distinguished something during the last week, a kind of Honor Roll. Click on the gray cup icon next to the player or players you think deserve the award. Confirm your intention in the small window that appears.

You will appear in the Top Players of the Week section on the home page, just above the list of all the members of your community.

    • "View group history.". To learn more about the activities that you and other administrators (if you have designated them as such) of the group at any given time, go to this section. This shows all activity for all elevated users.
    • «Edit group profile».. We have already talked about this in the previous step.
    • "Chat locks.". You can block any user who does not comply with the rules established in your community. You can also unlock them on this page by following the instructions at the top of the window.
    • "Member management". Each member of the group can be assigned a certain status, according to which they have certain rights. Naturally, officers and moderators have a higher status than regular users.
    • "Edit group permissions". In this section you can change the group type by opening or closing it at any time. It is also where the actions available to all types of group members are configured. This is very important because the topic of the group and the users gathered in it involve different levels of access to various community functions.
    • "Manage requests".. If the group carries "Limited". o "Closed". new members will only be able to join after approval.
    • «Add / edit forums». Here you can create different forums, within which discussions will already be created. For example, you can create a forum «Discuss the game of this or that». And within this forum the united users will be able to create separate topics related to different areas related to it: CW collection, bugs, exchange of game objects, etc.

During the administration phase, you establish the name and type of members who will be able to view and comment on the discussions.

Having already left the administration to the group itself and switched to the tab "Discussions".In the right part of the window you will see a block «Forums»where the forums you have created are located (as long as there is more than one forum).

You can add discussions with the corresponding button, using the necessary format. Before adding, you can easily change the forum where the topic will be posted.

There are also additional features that we will not cover in the scope of this article.

    • "Lock management".. A section similar to the chat blocking described above, only it refers to forum bans.
    • Conservator adjustments.. Each owner of a group can become a curator, a user guide for games on Steam. This function consists of writing reviews with your opinion on different games that will help ordinary users to decide whether or not to buy a certain product. The difference between the reviews and the classic ones from people who have bought the game is drastic. Such posts should be competently written, objective and as unbiased as possible, as well as detailed and interesting, including, for example, little-known facts, references, history.

For more details on how to become a curator, see the appropriate section.

  • Do not forget to also use the tabs, where many of the group's functions are located and there is a block with settings for their administration.

Now you know how to create and configure a group on Steam. After following the steps, you will have to recruit an audience and try to get them interested in the content you publish. We also recommend reading other articles that will be helpful to all group creators.

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