Create a Skype chat

Create a Skype chat

Chat in Skype communication software is one of the forms of correspondence between two or more users. By default, a private conversation can be started with each added contact, but sometimes it is necessary to create a new private chat or form a group with several participants at the same time. The built-in functionality of this software allows you to create both options, which is what we will talk about in our article today.

How to create a chat room in Skype

Next we will see how to form a group or a new chat using the latest version of Skype of the moment. If you have an older version, you may be missing some menu items or there are differences between the windows. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the interface or upgrade to a newer version by following the instructions provided in the article at the link below. Now let's move on to the breakdown of today's topic.

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Method 1: Create a group

The first method to carry out this task is to create a group in which an unlimited number of members can be added and to manage this community in all possible ways. The whole process is done in a few clicks and looks like this:

  1. Start Skype and log into your account. It will take you to "Cats"., where you need to click the button "+ Chat"..
  2. In the contextual menu that opens, select the option "Create a group chat"..
  3. This will start editing the basic settings. You will be asked to set an arbitrary group name and add a photo.
  4. When you add a master image, the Standard Explorer will open, where you need to select the image you like.
  5. When setup is complete, just click the blue arrow button.
  6. Next, the step of adding members begins. Use the search function to find the desired contacts and then add them by checking the checkbox. If you have not yet added all the users you want as friends, do so as described in our other material at the following link.
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  8. To create a new group successfully, all you have to do is click "Done"..
  9. In case you forgot to add someone, do so by clicking on "Invite someone else.".
  10. Over time, this inscription will disappear due to the message history. You will then need to click the appropriate button in the upper right to include the new members in the community.
  11. A form will open where you can search for members or open a link to join the group.
  12. Inviting new friends to the community via a link will only be available after activating this option.
  13. Next, the corresponding form will appear. You can copy the link to the clipboard or send it to the user by email.
  14. If you want to edit the community settings, just right-click and select "Group management"..
  15. An additional window will open in which you can do absolutely everything: change the name, the photo, send messages, add or exclude members.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in creating a group chat. You can manage an unlimited number of communities in exactly the same way, adding as many friends and other Skype users as you want.

Method 2: Create a new chat

If the group immediately involves the presence of more than two participants, a new chat room is usually created when it is necessary to initiate a separate correspondence with a friend, in which certain topics that are not included in the main conversation will be discussed. Creating such a partition is done in a very similar way to that shown in the previous method.

  1. Click the button "+ Chat". and select an option from the context menu "New talk.".
  2. Specify the individual friend or user you want to start communicating with.
  3. Now you can write messages and add more members, automatically turning the chat into a group.
  4. The union of people is similar to what we demonstrated in the previous instruction.
  5. Afterwards, the private conversation becomes a group chat and all the options that we have discussed before are opened.

Method 3: Create a private conversation

In the latest versions of Skype, the developers have added a feature called Hidden conversation.. It allows two users to start an encrypted chat, in which all conversations, both text and voice, will be classified, and notifications and traces will be deleted as soon as the chat ends. If you are interested in creating a chat of this type, you will need to follow the following steps:

  1. Click the button "+ Chat". and select an option. "New private conversation.".
  2. Specify the friend with whom you want to have a hidden correspondence.
  3. Wait a few moments while the server automatically sends an invitation to the participant.
  4. It will appear in your chat list. You can approve it by clicking "To accept"..
  5. Once the request is confirmed or rejected, you will receive a notification. If successful, you can safely start secret communication.
  6. If necessary, hide the conversation so that it does not appear in the chat list until a new message appears.
  7. However, be careful, any hidden chat can be seen by activating a special item in the conversation management menu.

In addition, we advise to pay attention that the creation of conferences for subsequent communication via video or audio is done a little differently, and there are additional methods and nuances to take into account. Read more about this in another author's article below.

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Now you know one of the features of the well-known Skype application. There is nothing complicated in creating groups and chats, but novice users may run into some doubts. That is why we have created this article. Beginners are also advised to read the summary, which details where to use Skype and has all the guides you need.

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