Create and send a voice message in Viber for Android, iOS and Windows

Create and send a voice message in Viber for Android, iOS and Windows

When exchanging information via Viber, it is often easier and more efficient to send a voice message to the other party rather than a text message. Let's consider implementing this feature in messaging apps for Android, iOS, and Windows.

How to create and send a voice message on Viber

The use of the following function is available in the three versions of the messenger, that is, it can be done from an Android device, iPhone and computer or laptop. The only limitation that a user creating a voice message in Viber may face is the length of an individual audio recording, which cannot exceed 15 minutes.


In Viber for Android, voice messages are created and sent by following these simple steps.

  1. Start the messenger and go to the dialogue, group chat or community where the recording of your voice will be transmitted as a result of the operation performed.
  2. Next to the empty text message input field is a video message record button (stylized as "Play".), briefly press «replace» with "Microphone"..
  3. Below you have two options, apply one of them depending on the situation:
    • Hold down "Microphone". - this starts a recording of your voice, which will stop the moment you stop influencing the button. In this case, the voice message will be sent to the chat automatically when you finish creating it.
    • Press the button to start audio recording. Without releasing it, pull it out to the lock image and then stop the exposure. In this option, the audio lock will continue until you stop it by tapping "For". o "Send".If you select the button to stop the sound recording process "Stop", you can listen to the voice message before sending it. To do this, touch the button shown "Play"and after confirming that the message you created is correct, press "Send"..

      Or you can click the icon "Trash can".which will erase the wrong audio message without sending it.

  4. If you change your mind while recording a voice message, you can cancel the operation. To do this, slide the hold button "Microphone". thumb left or press Cancel.when the second option is selected to create an audio recorder, as suggested in the previous step.

You can delete voice messages transmitted by mistake or incorrectly from your own messenger and delete them in the chat with the interlocutors in the same way as normal text or multimedia messages.

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With the iPhone, you can solve the article title task very easily and quickly, and the process of creating and sending voice messages through Viber for iOS is almost the same as on Android.

  1. Open Viber and go to a chat or group with the recipient or recipients of your voice recording.
  2. Touch the round button on the right side of the "Write a message…"which will make it change to "Microphone"..
  3. The following actions are of two variants:
    • If you know exactly what you want to say to your interlocutors, click "Microphone". and while you hold it down, speak. Recording will stop and be sent to chat immediately after releasing the button.
    • In a situation where you plan to listen to a voice message before sending it and / or you need to dictate a lot of information, and it is inconvenient to keep the iPhone screen button pressed while doing so, after activating the recording, slide the item "Microphone". up to the image of the lock. After releasing the button, the voice recording will continue. To complete the voice message, press "For". o "Send".. In the first case, you can listen to the message and only then transmit it to the interlocutor or delete it (button "Dump".), and in the second, the audio will be sent to the chat immediately, without checking that it is correct.
  4. To delete a recording before it is created: While holding down the key "Microphone". move it to the left. Or press Cancel. during recording, if the second method of working with the considered Viber messaging function described above is used.

If a voice message is sent by mistake, you can delete it from the chat, not only from yourself, but also from the recipient. The manipulation of deleting an audio recording of a correspondence is no different from deleting any other message in a Viber chat.

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In Vibere for Windows, installed on a computer / laptop equipped with a microphone, like the mobile variants of the application, creating and sending voice messages will not require complicated instructions, but keep in mind that in the desktop version of the messenger, you can't listen to the message before sending it.

  1. In the Viber PC application, open the chat room, group, or community that the voice message is intended for.
  2. Click the button "Microphone". to the right of the text message input field.
  3. Dictate a message, and then click the green check mark,

    which will cause the created audio recording to be sent to the chat room instantly.

  4. If you change your mind to send the message while it is recording, click the cross next to the timer - the recorded audio will be destroyed.

You can remove voice messages sent by mistake or that turn out to be incorrect from your messaging correspondence and from your interlocutor just as you can with text and multimedia messages.

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Thus ends our article on the practical application of the function, although not unique, but highly requested by Viber users "Voicemail". has been completed. We hope that the insights you gain will allow you to expand your messenger usage model and increase its effectiveness.

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