Create a poll in Viber messenger for Android, iOS and Windows

Create a poll in Viber messenger for Android, iOS and Windows


Creating polls in group chats and in communities is a relatively new feature in Viber, and many users lack information on how to apply it. We're going to close this knowledge gap by demonstrating how to quickly create your own survey in the messenger from an Android smartphone, iPhone, and Windows PC.

Viber messenger polls

Before moving on to creating a survey and posting it to the messenger, a few words about the details of how the "electronic questionnaire" works on Viber.

  • Poll creation is available within communities and group chats for all its members. Also read:
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  • Modification of the entries and the structure of the questionnaire is only available until its publication.
  • Users can only choose one of the response options offered in the survey and can change their mind at any time or withdraw their participation in the study.
  • Only the creator of the survey can delete a survey of anyone who has access to it.
  • In the communities the total anonymity of the participants in the surveys is guaranteed: the super administrators and administrators have access to the information about the fact of the vote and the responses of other super administrators and administrators, but not the ordinary members of the association. In groups, all participants can get information about the other's answer record and their interpretation.

How to create a poll in Viber messenger

As mentioned above, the creation and publication of a survey is available from any device where you have access to messaging, that is, the Viber client application is installed and activated. Next we will demonstrate the solution of the task considered from the Android, iOS and Windows environment in order.


In Viber for Android, effective polling of a certain group of participants in the messenger involves a few simple steps.

  1. Open the messenger and navigate to the group / community chat whose audience you plan to survey.
  2. Click on the icon. "Diagram"., located below the text message input field.
  3. Fill in the fields of the form that opens "Create a survey".. If you want to have more than two options, click "+" until the desired number of fields appears.
  4. When you have finished entering data in the form, you can change the order in which the answer options are displayed by dragging and dropping, and you can also remove unnecessary items by tapping the cross on the right.
  5. Once you are satisfied that the survey has been completed successfully, click the button "CREATE".. Your profile will be published instantly in the chat room.
  6. So that your survey does not "get lost" between messages, you can pin it at the top of the screen. To do this, click on the question text and keep pressing until the menu appears. Press Fix. twice - in the menu and then in the window of the request received from the courier.
  7. When the survey meets its objective, it can be deleted as in the case of a normal message.Read more: How to delete a message in Viber for Android


If you prefer Apple technology and use the Viber app for iOS, you will have to follow the path below to create a messaging survey.

  1. Open Viber on your iPhone and navigate to the community or group whose members you want to propose to participate in a poll on a topic.
  2. Tap the button below the message input field "..." and select "Create a survey". in the menu that opens.
  3. Fill in the fields of the form displayed by the courier. To increase the number of answer options, a button is provided "+"which will be activated after filling in the two fields initially available for the answer options. Please note that complete removal of user-created quiz items that appear "superfluous" in the iOS version of the messenger is not provided.
  4. If necessary, modify the entered data - this is available after tapping the question text or one of the answers. If desired, change the order of the answer options by "grabbing" one of them by the three dashes on the left and dragging it to the desired position in the list.
  5. When done, press "Create". which will make the quiz appear instantly in the chat.
  6. If you want, and most of the time it is a necessity, put the survey at the top of your group or community. To do this, press and hold on the question text to bring up a menu of actions, press on it "Plus".and then select "Insurance". in the area at the bottom of the screen. After confirming the Viber request, the probability that the created profile will be "lost" among group messages will be minimized.
  7. When the time expires, the survey will have to be completed, which in messenger is done by deleting it. If necessary, apply the same approach to the object created by following the previous steps of this instruction as you would apply to normal messages.Read more: How to delete a message in Viber for iOS


In Viber for Windows, the functionality of creating surveys in the messenger in the same way as in the mobile variants of the client application of the service can be activated at any time.

  1. Launch Viber on your computer and open a group chat where your survey will be posted as a result of these instructions.
  2. Click on the box to the left "Write a message…" button made in the form of a diagram.
  3. Enter the question text and the answer options in the corresponding fields of the form by clicking the button "+", add as many fields as you like to enter the values ​​of the possible answers to the question that interests you and / or your subscribers.
  4. If necessary, reorder the items in the response list that you display to your participants by dragging them behind the item (dots) on the left edge of the text input area. You can remove unnecessary items by clicking the X.
  5. When you have finished entering and structuring the questionnaire data, click "Create"..
  6. This completes the creation of the survey - the module with the question and answer options has been placed in the group chat ready to perform its functions.
  7. Put it at the top of the group chat - an optional action, but one that greatly increases the level of effectiveness of the event you are running:
    • Right-click in the query area and from the menu that appears, select "Pin.".
    • Confirm the courier request by clicking "Insurance". in its box.
    • Evaluate the result obtained.
  8. Deleting an object that has fulfilled its function in chat is done in the same way as a normal message Read more: How to delete a message in Viber for Windows


Regardless of the device you use to create a poll in Viber, solving this task will not be a problem. All that is needed to organize a simple survey on the opinions of a group of participants in the messenger program is a wish and a few minutes of your time.

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