Creation of secret chats and groups in Viber messenger

Creation of secret chats and groups in Viber messenger

In order to provide additional privacy for communication through Viber, each messenger user can activate the option Secret talk.. Let us consider the characteristics of this type of correspondence and the process of its organization in the devices that work under the control of different OS.

Secret chats on Viber

Some users who do not delve into the ins and outs of Viber's workings identify the "secret" and "hidden" options applicable to chats in the messenger, which is fundamentally wrong: these types of conversations are significantly different. If you need to increase privacy and limit the distribution of the information sent to your interlocutor, use the instructions in this article. If there is a need to prevent someone who has access to your device from seeing a conversation in a messenger, a regular conversation or a group chat should be "hidden" as described in the material at the following link. By the way, secret correspondence is also concealed:

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Before moving on to the creation of a secret chat, let's see its differences with other types of conversations in the Viber messenger, as well as the characteristics and advantages that are obtained when communicating through it.

    • Automatic destruction of messages. In the type of conversation considered, it is possible to set a time limit for the display of any message by the recipients. After the time specified by the sender has elapsed, your message is deleted without leaving a trace of all participants in the correspondence.
    • Notifications The moment a private dialogue message arrives, the recipient will only see the word "Message".but it does not recognize the name of the recipient or the content of the message. The text and content of the message are displayed after opening it Read also: How to disable notifications in Viber
    • The content of new messages from secret chats is not displayed on the screen with a list of conversation headers and groups in the messenger.

  • Information in secret chats and groups cannot be copied or forwarded by messaging or otherwise. In other words, it is implied that messages can only be read / viewed by the recipient and cannot be played in other chats Read also: How to forward a message from one Viber chat to another
  • Screenshots. During a private conversation, your participants are limited to taking screenshots of their devices. In the Android version of the messenger it is impossible to take a screenshot of the correspondence, and if an iPhone is used, it is possible to capture information by taking a screenshot using the iOS tools, but the other user will be notified about this action. Read also: How to take a screenshot on the iPhone
  • Secret and regular conversations can exist simultaneously with the same contact, and deleting one has no effect on the other. A Viber participant initiates a chat that implies a higher level of privacy, and that chat is automatically created for the interlocutor.

How to create a secret chat on Viber

Organizing and keeping secret correspondence through Viber is only possible from Android and iOS devices. As for Viber for Windows, there is no such feature, and secret chats and groups created in the "main" mobile messaging client are not displayed in the application on the PC, that is, synchronization is not performed in this case.


In Viber for Android, creating a secret correspondence in addition to the main conversation with a specific contact is very easy. Among other things, additional functions can be used to protect transmitted information when communicating with more than one person registered with the messenger.

  1. Open Viber on your Android device and go to an existing chat room. Or create a new "normal" conversation with a contact, who will then become your interlocutor in the secret chat.
  2. On the message history screen, do one of the following:
    • Press the three dots in the upper right and select Go to the secret chat. in the menu that opens.
    • Or swipe the correspondence history area to the left. Then go through the screen that opens "Information". and tap the option name Go to the secret chat..
  3. This completes the creation of the private conversation. Now you can set the value of the time counter, after which your messages will be destroyed - tap on the stopwatch to the right of the message input field and select the desired period from the open list of available ones.
  4. Distinguish a private conversation created in Viber from a normal one in the tab "Cats". Messaging is very simple: the avatar of the interlocutor next to his name in the list of conversations and groups is marked with the icon "Castle".. If you plan to use only secret chat, you can delete normal chat.Read more: How to delete chat in Viber for Android

Method 2: Group

To use all the features of Secret Chat when communicating in a Viber member group, organize your correspondence as follows.

  1. Follow the instructions suggested above to create a secret chat regarding one of the future group members. Or go to an existing private chat from the "Cats". messaging applications.
  2. Access the menu by touching the three dots at the top right of the screen and select «Create a group with USERNAME».Swipe the message screen to the left and then to the area "PARTICIPANTS". on the screen that appears with information and options for the secret chat, press «+ Add».
  3. Mark the photos of the future members of the secret group by clicking on their names. When the selection is complete, tap the check mark in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. That's it: the group with additional characteristics is created, and it works almost the same as a "normal" group, that is, you can change the icon and name of the group, add and remove members, and so on.


In Viber for iPhone, secret conversations and groups are created by simple manipulation and are available to your organization whenever the user needs it.

Method 1: Dialog

  1. Launch Viber in an iOS environment and open an existing dialog or create a new one with one of your contacts.
  2. On the chat screen, tap the contact's name at the top and select Go to the secret chat. in the menu that opens. And you can also solve the problem from the title of this article from the screen "Details". - Swipe the correspondence history area to the left and then, sliding up the list of options that opens, touch the item name Go to the secret chat..
  3. The creation of a more private chat is now complete. Before you start writing and sending messages, set your self-destruct timer by tapping the icon to the right of the input field and selecting one of the available value items from the list that opens.

Method 2: Group

To create a group chat with the ability to exchange self-destructing messages and take advantage of other benefits of secret messaging in Viber on iPhone, please do the following.

  1. Create a secret chat with one of your future group members with greater privacy, or navigate to an existing chat of this type from "Cats". in the courier.
  2. Tap the contact's name at the top of the screen, and then tap "Information and configuration". in the menu that opens, or slide the correspondence area to the left.
  3. Press the name of the article «+ Add members»above your name and that of your interlocutor. In the address book that opens, check the boxes next to the contacts to be included in the group chat with additional privacy options. When your selection is complete, press "Done"..
  4. As a result, a secret chat with two participants instantly becomes a group, with which it is possible to perform the same actions as with the normal one - renaming and fixing the icon, setting the background of the correspondence, adding and removing participants later, etc. .


As you can see, increasing the level of privacy and ensuring the non-proliferation of this or that information sent to people registered in Viber is not that difficult. The developers offer all the possibilities for this in the messenger and users can easily apply them, but only on mobile devices with Android or iOS.

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