Are you looking for tricks for Croc 2 PS One, then you are in the right place. In this article we will give you all the necessary recommendations to become the leader of this video game.


Croc 2 PS One

This game is the continuation of the initial version called Croc. It presents a gameplay in various worlds with open environments, distributed in 4 stages called Gobbo villages. Each player must improve himself as he completes certain missions.

The idea is to complete the stages to rescue Gobbo, pursue Dantini in order to get the pink sandwich; later the level of boss is achieved where you enter the next village. In this way the actions are continued where each level contains collectible elements, we can include crystals, basic and multicolored.

These must be found since they are located hidden and allow you to get resources, such as gems and trophies. Based on this we bring you some tricks so that you can advance in each level and obtain victory more easily; you can know other tricks in different games by clicking on the following link Starcraft PC.

The most used tricks in Croc 2 PS One

To activate the tricks you do not need to open any console or perform a procedure directly on the console and the tricks are activated through the remote control. In this way each one is activated directly during the game.

  • To get infinite lives in the title panel, you need to hold the L1 button, then the circle, down, Left Up, Right, Triangle and back Down.
  • Infinite lives, in the same title screen you press L1 and circle, down, left, up, right, triangle, down and voila, you are in possession of lives and you will never be eliminated.
  • Obtaining 100 crystals is very simple on the title screen press L1 and square (x2), circle, down, left right (x2), then start playing and you must hold down the R2 key and the crystals are automatically added to you; if you repeat the operation you can get up to 9999 crystals.

Get cheat menu

The Cheat Menu is an excellent tool where you can get various recommendations during the game. To do this, you just have to press on the title screen L1 and press triangle, then left, left, right, square, up, up, left, circle.

You must start the game and press L2 + R2 to activate it; With this menu you can have entry to all levels including the most secret, also the possibility of increasing each of your items, which you can fill in as many times as you want, as well as obtain another large number of skills and actions.

Activate the cheat mode, this option is excellent if you activate it from the title panel by pressing L1, then triangle, Left, Left, Right, Square, Up, Up, Left, Circle; You must start the game and during its development, simultaneously press the L2 and R2 keys where the cheat menu appears, which is another way to enter.

Activation with codes

There are other ways to activate resources and receive utilities that will improve your experience, in this way, as with the use of pressing buttons, the same effects are obtained using a keyboard, let's see.

  • To or have crystals of infinite form, you only write after pressing L1 the following codes D007A1F80000 or 8007A1F80064
  • If you want to deactivate invincible press R1 and then write D00758400800 or 8003B6F2ACC2
  • Get Gold Gobbos at 99, place 8007A1EC0063
  • To get the inventory to the maximum after the pickup, put any code from the following list: D007A1FC0001, 8007A1FC0009, 8007A2000009, D007A2040001, D007A2000001, D007A2040009, D007A2080001, 8007A20C0009, 8007A2080009, D007A20, 0001A007
  • The acquisition of unlimited jewelry is achieved by placing 80076660 0064
  • To be invincible you can write after pressing L1 the following: D00758400400 or 8003B6FA8CC2
  • If you want to always have the access key, you just have to enter 8007A1D80001.
  • To obtain all the pieces of the Puzzle: 8007A1F40004.
  • Receive the infinite lives write these two codes 8007A16C0063 or 8007A1680063.

Generate movement

With the joystick you can perform a 360 degree movement with different speeds, it all depends on the force of how to push the joystick, if you apply a slight contraction the turn will do it towards the selected direction.

D-pad Using this device when moved upwards Croc heads forward; if you apply it to the Left or Right Croc 2 ps one will rotate in that direction. You can move it low and Croc turns in the opposite direction; the speed of the movement is variable as you can gradually control the command.


The skills of the main character are managed from the command, so it is good that you know some tricks where you can know what utility they have when you use it, let's see:

  • To perform lateral steps press L1 or R1
  • If you want Croc to jump you must press the X. He can also move while in the air, but Croc keeps looking in the same direction as when he left the ground.
  • Perform a Stomp, press X, twice while in midair. With this action you will be able to crush objects and enemies under Croc.
  • A triple jump, press the X three times, and then hold until the second jump is completed. The X button must also be pressed the last time before executing the stomp.
  • Perform Hop & Flip, you just have to press L1 and R1 at the same time while moving forward.
  • Execute an Attack, step on the square key, Croc wags his tail and thus proceeds to attack the opponent.
  • A jump attack, press X and then Square, this you must do when you are in the air and it is used to attack several enemies.
  • Check inventory, press L2 and R2 simultaneously, then continue until the desired item appears.
  • Use inventory item, just press Triangle to use the item, and check if it is allowed.

Recommendations on Croc 2 PS One

This game is very fun and although they are focused on children under 15 years old, adults are fascinated with its playability. The adventures of the Gobbo are presented in various ways, hence the importance of knowing the codes so as not to interrupt the game due to lack of lives or stars.

The stories are very entertaining but you must be careful on some occasions where you must know some forms of play as you press the buttons on the remote, then let's see certain recommendations and tricks.