Despite being a video game of the last generation, it manages to meet many expectations, so we invite you to read about Dark souls, in this article manages to summarize all the aspects it covers, its origin and some tricks that will help you overcome levels.


Dark Souls has an excellent visual design that manages to immerse the user in this parallel world.

What is Dark Souls?

If you like video games that mix action with role-playing games, Dark Souls is definitely for you. It is the second game belonging to the Souls series but it was known by the name of Project Souls, it was created by From Software for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows and PlayStation 4.

Its launch occurred in Japan during the year 2.011, a year later they published Prepare to Die for PC with additional content that Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users could enjoy.

Despite having a totally original plot that is being described throughout the development of the video game, its level of difficulty is extreme and relentless, so it offers you many armor, weapons or objects that can help the player during their journey.

But his comments are not only focused on the level of difficulty that the game has, but we can also find good reviews because of its combat and mythology so detailed and authentic.

If we talk about their sales, they have managed to break records by positioning themselves as the second most played Windows Live video game in the year 2.012.

When observing these results, the developers were given the task of releasing Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3 and Dark Souls: Remastered which was released in the year 2.018 for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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What is the story that unfolds in Dark Souls?

It takes place in the era after the defeat of the stone dragons who were the kings of the place. During the last days, the territory was under great darkness and a gloomy environment where lived a race of dragons capable of extending their lives due to their stony scales.

However, this time did not yet have fire to illuminate the spaces, so you could always feel and see dark, gloomy, amorphous and extremely deserted spaces, until the appearance of the first flame of fire where four souls were found: Nito, Gwyn, the daughters and witch of Izalith and the bringer of the soul.

By having this great power, Gwyn, the witch of Izalith and Nito managed to battle with the dragons together with the help of humans. In this way begins the great history of Dark Souls, which was made up of great secrets, battles and stories that today have many theories in their environment.

Dark Souls characters

Here is the list of the characters in this incredible game:


Also known as the lord of the ashes, he is a warrior leader who actively participated in the battle against the dragons.

His warrior characteristics make him the most powerful character that comes from fire, physically, he is a tall man with a beard.

He has four children, The Nameless King, the goddess of fertility known as Gwynevere, Filianore and Gwyndolin, but it was also said that Yorshka could also be his daughter, since she was named after Gwyndolin's sister.

The Witch of Izalith

The witch of Izalith and her daughters of Chaos made fire sorcery known as pyromancy. When observing that the first flame began to go out, they set about the task of looking for a way to reproduce it or maintain it for much longer, but the result they obtained was terrible, the witch and her daughters becoming deformed and initiating the path of the demons. .


Known as the king of the graveyard, he died before everyone else, so his soul was transformed into a way of managing death and disease in humans.

Seath the Scaled

He is a gigantic, blind and scaleless dragon, known for his betrayal of his fellow men and for being the father of magic. His soul managed to last for many years because it was the subject of fascination and research.


Characters that can be found in the video game

Dark Souls 3 Guide

The end of the era of fire is coming, so it is necessary that you know some data that will lead you to achieve the goal of winning this last game. But first of all we must bear in mind that the game is not designed to see everything in a single game.

The bosses

An obstacle that remains in the various installments of Dark Souls is the possibility of getting hold of the bosses, which you must defeat in order to continue playing.


In this aspect, this video game is not different from others, since if you do not have weapons you will not be able to last long in the game due to the large number of enemies they must face.


Dark Souls 3 has a series of rings that differentiate it from other role-playing games that exist on the market, this accessory is very important, since each one has its own effect, for example the ring of favor or Havel helps to increase the maximum load, lengthen your life and potential, preventing you from becoming slow.


All the versions that exist of Dark Souls have several endings which are thrown depending on the decision or result of the end game.

Ariandel's ashes

This first expansion of the game offers an adventure within a painting of the past to which we will enter with the help of a mysterious and curious knight.

Ringed City in Dark souls

This option will transport us to a very distant place known as the end of the world, where the player will be able to observe the wonderful entire universe spread over it.