How to restore a deleted file from OneDrive

How to Restore a Deleted OneDrive File If you've deleted an important OneDrive file on Windows 10, Mac OS, Android, or iPhone, chances are you can get it back relatively easily. As for Windows and Mac, keep in mind that OneDrive synced files are sent to the recycle bin... Read more

The best free programs for every day

The best free programs for every day You don't always have to pay for quality, useful and functional software: many programs for various daily purposes are distributed completely free of charge. Free programs can help you perform a wide variety of tasks, without falling noticeably behind their paid counterparts. The … Read more

My computer can't see my flash drive, what do I do?

My computer can't see my flash drive, what do I do? These instructions detail what to do if your computer or laptop doesn't see your USB flash drive connected: it doesn't show it at all (although it may sound connected), or it connects, but with errors. First of all, the simple ways to fix the problem, which may work,… Read more

Windows File Recovery - Free Data Recovery Software from Microsoft

Windows File Recovery – Free Microsoft Data Recovery Software Microsoft has released its own Windows File Recovery program to recover deleted files, including photos, documents, and archives from your hard drive, flash drive, or memory card. The utility is available in the Microsoft Store and requires the latest… Read more

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