Delete photos from Viber for Android, iOS and Windows

Delete photos from Viber for Android, iOS and Windows


Files of various types that Viber users transfer to each other and / or put into groups, after transfer, are stored on devices equipped with a messaging application. It is not such a rare case that there is a need to delete certain data due to the unacceptability of its presence on the device, loss of relevance, to free up space on the storage of a mobile device or a PC disk. Let's consider how to delete a photo from Viber operation in Android, iOS and Windows environment, clear the device memory of these images, and also remove the avatar image from your profile in the messenger.

Deleting images from Viber means deleting the messenger and memory of the device on which it operates from files received and transmitted through the system, as well as deleting the set of photos for the user profile and which is shown to other members of the service. Therefore, the following article is divided into two parts. Navigate to the desired section and select the instructions applicable to your device's operating system environment, as well as those appropriate to your situation and needs.

How to delete photos received and sent through Viber

In general, deleting images, like any other information from the Viber messenger, is not a complicated operation and is carried out by several taps on the screen of a mobile device or mouse clicks by desktop and laptop users.



Viber for Android users, depending on their specific goals, can apply one of several options, which involves clearing the messenger and device memory of photos that have become unnecessary.



Option 1: Selected Photographs from Correspondence

If you need to get rid of one or a small number of images received / sent in the framework of a separate dialogue or group chat, you must act with respect to graphic information in the same way as when destroying messages of another type. We have already talked about how to delete one, several or all messages in Viber in one of the articles dedicated to working with the messenger, and you can use the instructions in the following link.


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Option 2: many or all photos of the correspondence

In a situation where many graphic files were received / sent in the framework of a group dialogue or chat during the participation in it, their deletion, provided that the algorithm proposed in the previous method is followed, can take a long time and result not be entirely convenient. To delete a large number of photos at once or to delete a separate chat from all photos, leaving only messages of another type, it is better to use the module's capabilities "MEDIA GALLERY" integrated into the messenger.


  1. Open a dialog box or group from which you plan to delete the photo. Touch the name of another participant or the name of a group chat, or go to the section "Information" from the called menu by touching the three dots on the top right of the screen.
  2. In «MEDIA GALLERY» area , which shows a preview of the last three media files transmitted / received in the chat, click "EVERYBODY" . Then by long pressing the thumbnail of each photo to be deleted, set the marks.
  3. After selecting everything you want to delete, tap the icon "Paper bin" in the upper right and then confirm the system request by tapping "YES" . As a result, the correspondence will be erased from unnecessary graphic information.

Option 3: photos received via Viber from device memory

Using one of the two instructions above, which involve deleting images from Viber, or combining their use, you can achieve a situation where the messenger stops displaying photos on chat screens. At the same time, graphic files received from other users will still be present in your device memory and additional steps will be required to destroy them completely.

  1. Open any file manager for Android installed on your smartphone.In our example, we use Google Files , available for download and installation from Play Market, in other «Explorers» you must proceed by analogy.


    Download Google Files file manager for Android from Play Store

  2. Go to view the contents of the internal memory of the device and find the directory "Viber" in the storage root, open it. If the folder "Viber" it is not in the internal memory of the device, look for her on the removable drive; Depending on the configuration of the mobile operating system, the destination "container" may also be located there.
  3. Open the folder "half" and from there go to «Viber Images» , where you will find all the photo files received through the messenger.
  4. Using the file manager tools, select the images you want to delete (long press the thumbnail of the first image you want to destroy, then mark the marks in the preview of the rest). Click on the icon "Paper bin" at the top of the screen, and then confirm your intentions by tapping "Remove" below the prompt that appears.If it is necessary to absolutely erase all the photos saved by Viber in the device storage, just delete the entire folder «Viber Images» . Later, upon receiving an image file, the messenger will automatically create a directory to store images again.



If you are a user of Viber for iPhone, you can use more than the only method to delete messenger from photos. The service client application for iOS provides several options that allow you to quickly achieve the desired result.


Option 1: Selected Photographs from Correspondence

In general, the process of destroying graphic information received or transmitted through Viber as part of a group dialogue or chat is not much different from other types of messages. If it is necessary to delete one or more photos from a separate correspondence, you can use the instructions in the article at the following link and to delete messages with pictures, proceed in the same way as for text messages.


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Option 2: many or all photos of the correspondence

To quickly and simultaneously delete several or all images sent to another member (to a group), as well as those received through the messenger, it is convenient to use the multimedia gallery , designed to organize the files exchanged within each dialogue and group chat.

  1. Open the chat screen with a person or a group of people where there are pictures to delete. Touch the username / group at the top then touch «Information and configuration» in the menu that appears.
  2. Click on el link Mostrar todo in the Media Gallery area . Then touch "To select" at the top right and with short taps, set the marks on the preview of deleted images. If you need to delete all photos from the chat, click "Select all" in the upper left.


  3. After checking all unnecessary, tap the icon "Paper bin" at the bottom of the screen on the right. It remains to confirm your intentions by clicking "Delete multimedia" in the menu that opens with two items. That's it, the selected images will disappear from the screen "Multimedia" and they will also stop showing in chat.

Option 3: images received via Viber from iCloud Photos

Not all iOS users know that with a certain setting of the Viber program, the photos received via the messenger will be saved on the iPhone and will remain available for viewing and other manipulations even after they have been deleted using the above methods. By default, the described function is disabled, you have to force it on, but if the question of completely cleaning your smartphone from Viber photos puzzles you, the best solution would be to follow the instructions below. This will make sure that there are no unnecessary / unwanted images where they can theoretically be stored.

  1. Launch Viber and go to «Configuration» of the program from tab "More" . Open section "Multimedia" .
  2. If the switch «Save to gallery» is changed to position "Habilitado" , the pictures you received through the courier were saved in the "Gallery" and consequently they remained there after the manipulations to destroy them carried out in the Viber client program. . Uncheck the option if you want and proceed to the next step.
  3. Open la application Photos pre-installed on iOS. Find the images you want to get rid of in the album All the photos , I touched Select and check the preview of the files to be deleted.
  4. Then touch the icon "Paper bin" and confirm your intention to delete the information by selecting "Delete picture" in the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen.


To delete images from Viber for Windows, users of this client must first use the tools provided in the application and then (if they wish, perform a full cleanup) delete the photos from the folder created by the messenger on the PC disk .


Option 1: Selected Photographs from Correspondence

As in the variants of the messaging application, adapted to work in the mobile OS environment described above, you can delete photos of chats made through Viber on a computer or laptop using techniques that are effective when it comes to delete messages of another type. That is, deal with unnecessary graphic information in the same way as if you were deleting a text message.


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Option 2: many or all photos of the correspondence

If you need to delete a large number of images from the conversation at once, or if you need to clear the image-only chat / group window, without touching other information, the Media gallery It will help you quickly browse the received / sent content and delete the unnecessary ones.

  1. Go to a group chat or dialogue to delete the photos. Click on the icon "I" located at the top of the window on the right.
  2. The area shown on the right is divided into several blocks, the objective - «Media gallery» - is located at the top under the avatar of the interlocutor / group, click on "show everything" next to this name.
  3. Then one by one, right-click on the thumbnails of the images you want to delete. From the list of options that appears, select «Remove from me» o "Delete me and INTERVIEWER_NAME" The presence in the menu of the second of the indicated items, which allows you to delete an image not only from your messenger, but also from the interlocutor, depends on whether the image being deleted was sent (present) or received via the messenger . (absent).


Option 3: images received via Viber from a PC disk

Even a statement of the fact that the photographs are not displayed in the correspondence windows after they have been removed by the methods described above does not confirm their complete destruction. By default, Viber for Windows saves received media files to PC disk and they will be present in a special directory until manually deleted.

  1. Open Windows Explorer and follow the path:C:ПользователиИМЯ_ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛЯДокументыViberDownloads 

    It is easier and faster to open a directory that contains everything that the messenger has saved to the computer's disk, possibly directly from the Viber window. Go to any dialogue or group chat that contains an image sent by another participant, right click on it and then call the item "Show in Folder" on the menu .


  2. Delete files from the above directory in the usual way, after which you can be sure that all the unwanted images received via the messenger are absent from both the application and the computer disk.

How to delete your profile picture on Viber

The account owner can change the photo or image set as profile avatar in Viber at any time and number of times. In addition, it is possible to completely abandon this method of customizing the account, not providing images to the system, or removing what has already been added.


Android device

  1. Launch the messenger and go to your section "More" by clicking on the appropriate tab below. The screen that opens at the top contains your account details (name / phone number), and also shows the photo assigned to the profile when configuring the client application.
  2. To go to edit the data specified for the account, touch the icon "Pencil" in the upper right. To open a list of options applicable to your photo, click Edit in your area
  3. After touching the item "Delete picture" on the menu "Edit" and then confirm the system request, the image will disappear from your messenger, as well as from all system client applications for the people you communicated with via Viber.


  1. Viber running on an iPhone, open the function menu "More" and immediately find information, account and your image-avatar in Messenger. To edit data, touch el button Pencil to the right of their name.
  2. Touch the image of "Camera" located in the middle of your profile picture. In the area that appears below, select "Delete picture" , then click on "Clever" .
  3. As a result of performing the above manipulations, the avatar image will disappear from your messenger and will also stop displaying as a photo that identifies your account from other Viber members.

PC with Windows

An application created to access Viber's capabilities from a Windows environment is not inherently a system-independent client, but only "mirrors" events that occur in the "main" messaging application installed on an Android or iPhone device. In this regard, many features, including the ability to edit your own account details, are not provided in Viber on a PC.


Therefore, to delete a profile photo, messenger users will in any case have to consult one of the applicable instructions on mobile devices, and the avatar will disappear from the application on the PC automatically due to synchronization.


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As you can see, deleting photos from Viber messenger is a simple procedure. When performing a complete cleaning, it is necessary to take into account that the considered system in most cases stores images not only within its client application, but also copies files to the memory of a mobile device and / or computer disk.