Delete saved Instagram posts

Delete saved Instagram posts

Option 1: mobile app

When using a mobile device, there are many ways to get rid of saved posts, depending on the type of post. It should be noted immediately that the methods presented below, in addition to the true stories, involve the disappearance of the content of a separate section and not the complete deletion.

Method 1: post from feed

    1. The simplest method to remove a post saved from the section of the same name on a social network is to click the bookmark icon while viewing the post in the feed or on a separate page. The removal is not accompanied by additional notifications, and therefore attention will be enough to pay attention to the appearance of the icon.
    2. You can use another separate section of the application. To access the desired category, go to the profile page using the bottom panel, open the main menu and select "Saved" .


  1. All collections created once will be presented here, each containing a list of posts. To access the deletion option, select one of the sections and tap on the desired entry from the general list. Deletion is done exactly the same way as indicated at the beginning, by clicking on the icon with a marker in the lower corner right. To make a record permanently disappear from the list of saved posts, go to another section or refresh the open page.

Method 2: albums with posts

    1. In addition to individual posts, the application allows you to delete entire collections. To do this, go to the section «Saved» to Through the main menu, as mentioned above, select the desired album and click on the icon with three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.


  1. In the pop-up block, tap "Edit set « to go to settings and use the link "Remove set « . This action will need to be confirmed, after which the selected album will be dissolved.

Method 3: IGTV videos

    1. Special attention should be paid to "Saved Videos" section on the IGTV mobile app, which is directly related to the category discussed above. To delete a video of the corresponding type, you need to open the program with the account added beforehand, go to the profile tab, click on the icon with three stripes in the right corner of the screen and select «Saved Videos» .
    2. Start viewing a post by tapping on the desired post thumbnail and then expand the main menu in the top right corner. Deletion is done via the item "Delete from save" in the pop-up window without further confirmation.


Method 4: mass deletion of videos

  1. For faster deletion of recordings, you can open the menu "..." in the right corner of the main page of «Saved Videos» and use the option "To select" . This will enable clip selection mode.
  2. Check the box next to each video you want to exclude from the saves, and at the bottom of the screen, click el button Cancel save . This will result in an instant disappearance of the records with no possibility of recovery, but with additional notification.

Method 5: Trend Stories

    1. Stories you added, which were subsequently saved as relevant, can be removed by analogy with any other post. To complete this task, first of all, go to the desired folder on the main profile page and select the story you want to delete.
    2. Click the button "More" at the bottom right of the screen and use the option "Remove from Relevant" in the pop-up window. After that, confirmation will also be required.

Note that unlike saved posts, Trends contains original publications. At the same time, it is much easier to restore such records simply by visiting the "Archive" available in the main menu of the mobile application.

Option 2: website

On the Instagram website, posts can be deleted by analogy with the mobile application through a separate section available only to you as the account owner. This can also be done with real stories, since in this case the content will be lost beyond recovery in this particular version of the social network.

Method 1: post from feed

    1. The simplest method to delete saved posts is to use a particular post's feed or page. To complete the task, left click on the marker icon at the bottom right of the block, paying attention to the change in the icon color.
    2. If you want to quickly get rid of a large number of saved posts or cannot find the necessary entries in the feed, open the main profile page and go to the tab with the self-explanatory name "Saved" . If you've created albums before, you may need to select a subsection that contains the posts you want.
    3. After that, and also if you haven't created any additional albums, from the general list of posts, find the content you want to remove from this section. To open, regardless of type, just click on the thumbnail.
    4. The removal itself is done by clicking the bookmark icon in the lower right corner of the post, as indicated at the beginning using the feed example. For the entry to disappear completely, you will need to manually refresh the page or go to any other section of the website.

Remember, you will not be able to restore the list of accidentally deleted saved posts. It is also important to note that unlike the mobile app, entire albums cannot be deleted on the site.

Method 2: Trend Stories

  1. To get rid of the stories from the section with current posts, you need to go to the main page of your profile in any convenient way and select the desired album in the corresponding block. After that, you should also find the deleted story among other materials in the collection.
  2. While viewing the history, in the upper right corner, click the icon with three horizontal dots and in the pop-up window, use the option "Remove" . This action will have to be confirmed through another additional window. If everything is done correctly, the recording will instantly disappear from the album with the current one, without the need to refresh the page. At this time, unfortunately, it will not be possible to return the recording through the PC version.

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