Disable comments on Facebook posts

Disable comments on Facebook posts

On the official website and on the mobile application of the social network Facebook, there are many ways to interact with other users, including the ability to leave comments on various posts. However, this function can be disabled by default only in certain places of the resource or by fulfilling certain conditions. In the next tutorial, we will show you how to do this on different pages across multiple versions of the site.

Method 1: Group Posts

The only place on Facebook that allows you to completely restrict the ability to comment on certain posts on your feed are groups. And this is only possible if you fill one of the leadership positions, not just on the list "Collaborators"..

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Option 1: Website

The desktop version of Facebook allows you to disable comments on group wall posts through the post management menu. Note that this option only applies to individual posts, while comments cannot be completely disabled.

  1. The first thing to do is open the tab "Groups".using the top menu or left side of the home page, and in the "Groups that control." select the desired community.
  2. On the main community page, open the tab "Discussion". and find the publication you want. If necessary, use search and tag sorting.
  3. To limit the function in question, click the icon "..." in the upper right corner of the registry and through this menu select "Turn off comments.". This will trigger a notification and the corresponding text box below the post will disappear.

    If you need it, in the future, you can expand the same menu again and use the option "Include comments." to unlock this feature.

Please note that enabling or disabling is a complete activity, and therefore when ordered by «New actions». the entry will scroll on top of other posts.

Option 2: Mobile app

The process of deactivating comments using the Facebook application is not very different from the website. This action is only available in the official client for the phone, while the normal mobile version only offers limited functions without the necessary tools.

  1. First of all, you have to go to the group under your control. To do this, expand the main menu using the navigation bar and go to "Groups"..

    At the top of the page, click "Their groups."to display the corresponding list. It only remains to select the desired option from the block «Groups that manage».

  2. Once you're on the community home page, scroll through the list of posts and find the post you want to disable comments on. Don't forget about the tags and the search option.
  3. Touch the icon with the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner of the desired position and, through the menu that appears below, select "Turn off comments.". This action does not need to be confirmed.

    If done correctly, the ability to add new posts under the post will be restricted even for group admins. At the same time, the old stalls will remain intact and will have to be manually cleaned if necessary.

Just like on the FB website, you can change the settings again at any time via the same menu to unlock comments. In general, the task is quite easy in both cases and should not cause any problems.

Method 2: Personal Posts

Unlike many other social networks like VK, where comments on a personal page can be disabled for individual posts or all at once, on Facebook there is none of that. At the same time, the ability to comment is implemented only for publicly available messages, which, in turn, allows at least some limitations.

Option 1: Website

When using the Facebook website, you can disable comments on your personal page posts through the privacy settings. However, keep in mind that there is no way to get rid of this option completely.

  1. Open the site's main menu by clicking the arrow icon in the upper-right corner of the window, and select "Settings and privacy"..

    Through an additional listing in the same box, go to "Settings"..

  2. Using the list of subsections on the left side of the browser window, open the tab "Publicly available publications" tab..
  3. Scroll down the page to the block "Comments on publications available to the public" and left click on the link opposite "Edit".
  4. Expand the drop-down list here and select the option you are most comfortable with. Highest stealth is guaranteed by value "Friends"..

    After these actions, the new settings will be applied automatically and comments that were previously available to all users on posts that were not hidden by privacy settings will disappear. However, for friends everything will continue as before.

  5. Finally, you can visit one more section "Privacy". в "Settings". and on the line "Who will be able to see your future publications?" establish "Friends". o "Just me".. This will restrict access to recordings and comments accordingly.
  6. If necessary, you can change the visibility of an entry from its timeline by clicking the icon "..." in the corner of the desired post and selecting "Edit audience"..
  7. Specify an option. "Just me".and consequently the possibility in question will be limited. Unfortunately, the same is true of the visibility of the post itself.

As we said, guidelines only allow you to hide comments if certain conventions are followed. In all other cases nothing can be done.

Option 2: Mobile app

The official Facebook mobile client does not differ from the PC version in terms of hiding comments, but requires slightly different actions due to differences in the interface. However, the instructions will be relevant not only for the application, but also for the light version of the site.

  1. Go to the Facebook application and display the main menu. This list should scroll to the end.

    Touch the item "Settings and privacy" and use the drop down menu to go to "Settings"..

  2. On the page provided, locate the block "Privacy". and click on the line. "Publications of public access".
  3. Here you have to change the value in the subsection "Comments on publications available to the public" en "Friends".. You can also select another option of your choice.
  4. After saving the new setting to disable it, just make the posts hide from a specific audience. To do this, open the timeline of your page, select an entry by tapping the ellipsis in the upper right corner and use the option "Edit privacy settings"..
  5. Select any appropriate value, making sure to take into account the parameters previously set for comments. For greater efficiency, you can use the option "Just me". of the list. "More".
  6. When creating new posts, you can also restrict access to the post and discussions. To do this, click the button under the page name when creating the entry and select the appropriate option.

The considered steps should be enough to disable comments as much as possible on Facebook at all.

Method 3: Restrict the user

If you don't want to put global restrictions on the visibility of timeline posts, but comments are still disabled, you can do things differently by blocking one or more users from your friends list. Luckily, Facebook has not only a total block, but also a partial block. You can find more details in our separate tutorial.

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Method 4: Delete comments

The last method, which allows you to hide rather than completely disable comments, is to remove the relevant posts. It is available in any version of the site, but only if you are the author of the post.

Option 1: Website

  1. On the FB website, find the comment you want below the post and click the three-dot button next to it.
  2. Use this menu to select "Delete". and execute the confirmation through the pop-up window.

    If done correctly, the comment will immediately disappear from the post.

Option 2: Mobile app

  1. Open the timeline of your page, find the entry you want and click on the link "Comments". above the button. "What". After that, you will also have to search for the message to delete.
  2. Press and hold the block with the selected input for a few seconds until the control menu appears at the bottom of the screen. Through this list, do the following "Delete"..
  3. Confirm this action to complete it, and then the message should disappear.

There are quite a few ways to hide comments on Facebook, each of which can be successful if all the quirks of the social network are taken into account. And even if something goes wrong, you can always resort to deleting individual messages.

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