Disabling the Skype software update

Disabling the Skype software update

The automatic update of Skype allows you to always use the latest version of this program. Only the latest version is believed to have the widest functionality, and the highest protection against external threats due to the lack of identified vulnerabilities. However, sometimes it happens that the updated program for some reason is poorly compatible with your system settings, and therefore constantly lags. Also, some users are very interested in the availability of certain features that were used in previous versions, but that the developers decided to drop. In this case, it is important not only to install an older version of Skype, but also to disable the update on it, so that the program itself is not updated automatically. Let's find out how to do it.

Disabling automatic updates

  1. Disabling automatic update in Skype will not be a big problem. To do this, go to the menu "Tools" и "Settings"..
  2. Next, we go to the section "Additional features"..
  3. Click on the subsection name "Automatic update"..
  4. .

  5. This subsection has only one button. When automatic update is enabled, it is called "Disable automatic update".. Click on it to disable automatic download of updates.

After that, the automatic update of Skype will be disabled.

Disabling update notifications

But, if you turn off automatic update, every time you start a program that is out of date, an annoying pop-up will appear informing you that a newer version is available and asking you to install it. In addition, the installation file of the new version continues to be downloaded to your computer in the folder "Temp"but it doesn't install.

If there was a need to update to the latest version, we would simply activate the automatic update. But the annoying message, and downloading installation files from the Internet that we do not intend to install, are definitely not necessary in this case. Can we get rid of it? Turns out you can, but it will be a bit more complicated than turning off automatic updating.

  1. First of all, completely log out of Skype. You can do it with "Task Manager"."Killing" the corresponding process.
  2. Then you have to deactivate the service "Skype Updater". To do this, from the menu "Start". Ir a "Control Panel". Windows
  3. Next, we will go to the section "Security system".
  4. So, let's move on to the subsection "Administration"..
  5. Open the article. "Services"..
  6. A window opens with a list of the various services running on the system. Find among them the service "Skype Updater".right-click and from the menu that appears, select "For"..
  7. Next, we open "Driver".and go to the address that appears on it:


  8. Find the hosts file, open it, and leave the following entry in it: download.skype.com apps.skype.com

  9. After making the entry, be sure to save the file by typing Ctrl + S.

    Thus, we have blocked the connection to download.skype.com and apps.skype.com from where the uncontrolled download of new versions of Skype is carried out. However, we have to remember that if you decide to download the updated Skype manually from the official website through your browser, you will not be able to do so unless you delete the entries in the hosts file.

  10. Now all we have to do is delete that Skype installation file that is already loaded on the system. To do this, open a window "Run".typing the key combination on the keyboard Win + R. Enter the value in the window that appears "% Temp%"and then press the button "AGREE"..
  11. What we are seeing here is a temporary files folder called "Temp.". Find the file SkypeSetup.exe in it and delete it.

Thus, we have disabled the Skype update notifications, and the hidden download of the updated version of the program.

How to disable updates in Skype 8

In version 8 of Skype, the developers have sadly refused to give users the option to disable updates entirely. However, if necessary, there is an option to solve this problem in a not quite standard way.

  1. Open "The conductor of the orchestra". and go to the address in the following pattern:

    C:Usersпапка_пользователяAppDataRoamingMicrosoftSkype for Desktop

    Instead of value. "User_folder" you must specify the name of your profile in Windows. If in the directory that opens you see a file called "Skype-setup.exe", in which case right-click on it (PCM) and select an option "Delete".. If you cannot find the specified object, skip this step and the next.

  2. If necessary, confirm the deletion by clicking the button in the dialog box "Yes"..
  3. Open any text editor. You can, for example, use the standard Windows Notepad. In the window that opens, type any arbitrary set of characters.
  4. Then open a menu "File". and select the item "Save as…".
  5. The standard save window opens. Go there to the address whose template was specified in the first paragraph. Click on the field "Type of file". and select an option "All the files". En el "File name". enter name "Skype-setup.exe" without the quotes and click "Save"..
  6. After saving the file, close Notepad and reopen it "Explorer". In the same directory. Click on the newly created skype-setup.exe file SCM and select "Properties"..
  7. In the properties window that opens, check the box next to "Read only".. After that press "Apply". и "AGREE"..

    After the above manipulation, the automatic update in Skype 8 will be disabled.

However, if you want not only to disable the update in Skype 8, but to go back to "seven", first, you need to uninstall the current version of the program, and then install an older version.

Lesson: How to install an older version of Skype

After reinstalling, be sure to disable updates and notifications as outlined in the first two sections of this tutorial.

As you can see, although it is quite easy to disable automatic update in Skype 7 and earlier versions of this program, it will be annoying to be constantly reminded to update the application afterwards. Also, the update will continue to download in the background, although it will not install. But with a little manipulation, you can get rid of these unpleasant moments. In Skype 8 it is not so easy to disable updates, but if necessary, you can also do it by applying some tricks.

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