Doom for pc, Released in 2016 in its PC version, it has a series of commands and tricks that alter the gaming experience on a large scale. Although it does not offer as many useful commands as other titles, we do have the classic God mode trick and other quite interesting that you can use. Here we present them all.


Tricks Doom 3 for pc.

Best Doom PC Tricks

First of all, we must clarify that the tricks and commands of Doom Eternal PC They are not available for the multiplayer mode of this game, this because it could greatly alter the gaming experience. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid using any kind of cheat, external file, mod or exploit that is considered suspicious in your multiplayer games.

Therefore, using these cheats and abusing exploits in order to alter (either negatively or positively) the gaming experience of yourself or other players may result in certain temporary or permanent penalties. This means that you can be kicked out of the game without warning.

How to enable command console on Doom PC

On the other hand, as is clearly expected in all video games, the first thing you need is to know how to open the command console to start using them. In the case of Doom, according to various sources, we have two possibilities:

  • Use command - ALT GR + 4.
  • If the above does not work use CTRL + ALT + 4.

Remember to take into account that the tricks that activate something, such as God Mode, are deactivated when you re-enter that command.

Doom 3 pc cheats: Resurrection of Evil

First of all, to activate the commands within Doom 3 for pc you must apply them during the game, pressing the CTRL + ALT + º keys to go to the console. Once inside, you will have the option of placing one of the following codes:

  • give keys: All keys for the current level.
  • give all: All weapons, ammo, and armor.
  • give ammo: Ammo maxed out.
  • give armor: Armor to the maximum.
  • give health: Life to the maximum.
  • noclip: Fly and go through walls.
  • give weapon_shotgun_double: New double-barreled pistol.
  • give weapon_grabber: New Gun.
  • give ammo_grenade_small: Grenades.
  • give weapon_bfg: BFG 9000.
  • give weapon_chaingun: Submachine gun.
  • give weapon_machinegun: Submachine gun.
  • give weapon_plasmagun: Plasma Rifle.
  • give weapon_rocketlauncher: Missile launcher.
  • give weapon_shotgun: Gun.
  • god: God mode.
  • map game / marscity1: Play for the main game.
  • spawn monster_flying_forgotten: Skeleton monster.
  • spawn monster_demon_d3xp_bruiser: Cardinal demon.
  • spawn monster_zombie_hazmat: Zombie hazmat.
  • spawn monster_demon_vulgar: Vulgar demon.
  • spawn monster_hunter_helltime: Demon hunters.
  • spawn monster_hunter_berzerk: The second of the three demon hunters.
  • spawn monster_hunter_invul: Final hunter demon.
  • map game / deltax: Start a new game at Delta Labs.
  • map game / phobos #: Start a new game in Phobos Sector # (1 to 4).
  • map game / erebus #: Start a new game on Level Erebus # (1 to 6).
  • map game / hell: Start a new game in the final level.
  • give weapon_bloodstone_active2: Upgrade Bloodstone by doing Hell Time and Berserk.
  • give weapon_bloodstone_active3: Upgrade Bloodstone by doing Hell Time, Berserk, and Invulnerability.
  • give weapon_bloodstone_active1: Upgrade Bloodstone when doing Hell Time.

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Doom 4 (2016) cheats for pc.

Story Mode Cheats

Similarly, within Doom 4 for pc You must bear in mind, first of all, that the cheats deactivate the Steam achievements and that some of them have been deactivated via updates. The only trick that is actually certain that it still works is the one that enables God Mode.

  • IDDQD: Invulnerability.
  • God: Invulnerability.
  • IDBEHOLDI: Temporary invisibility.
  • IDBEHOLDR: Temporary radioactive suit.
  • IDBEHOLDS: Temporary Berserker mode.
  • IDBEHOLDA: Temporary automap.
  • IDBEHOLDV: Temporary God Mode.
  • IDBEHOLDL: Temporary light.
  • IDKFA: Gives all weapons, health levels, armor, ammo, and mods.
  • IDFA: Increase health, weapons, armor and ammo to maximum level.
  • IDA: You get all costumes and mods.
  • IDKA: You get all weapons and mods.
  • IDDT: Shows all the details of the map.
  • IDGK: You can only kill with executions.
  • IDCLIP: Go through the walls.
  • IDSPISPOPD: Go through the walls.
  • IDCHOPPERS: You get the chainsaw.
  • IDMYPOS: Show your position.
  • IDCLEVx *: Go up to the indicated level.
  • IDMUSx **: Changes the background song.


Likewise, if you want to achieve the achievements in the game of Doom for pc, Then we leave you some of the ones you can find and thus encourage you to get all the ones you want. So let's start with the achievements:

  • E1M1: Complete the first mission of the campaign.
  • Butcher: Perform 200 executions.
  • A Gift from Beyond: Get a rune.
  • Turning Point: Upgrade a rune.
  • Mangle and Tear: Execute all common enemy types in the campaign.
  • Fiddling: Fully upgrade a Praetor Costume category.
  • Argent Overload: Fully upgrade your health, armor, or ammo capacity.
  • Specialist: Master a weapon mod.
  • Neck Dead: Complete the campaign on "I don't want to die," "Hurt me," "Ultraviolence," or "Nightmare."
  • Demanding Customer: Complete all challenges on a mission.
  • Good Boom in Time: Use explosive drums to kill 100 enemies.
  • IPXSETUP.EXE: Win a multiplayer game.
  • Up close and personal: Kill 50 enemies with the chainsaw.
  • Raised in Doom Battles: Reach level 5 in multiplayer.
  • Hot swap: Get all weapon mods.
  • Argent's Demon: Fully upgrade your health, armor, and ammo capacity in a single campaign.
  • Fully Tuned: Fully upgrade all Praetor Suit categories in a single campaign.
  • Even in the last corner: Find all the collectibles.
  • Historian: Find all data records.
  • Is that all ?: Complete all Mission Challenges in a single campaign.
  • Recreational Warehouse: Collect 20 extra lives or relics in Arcade mode.
  • Bordering on Madness: Complete "The UAC" in Ultra Nightmare.
  • IDKFA: Master all weapon mods.
  • IDDQD: Upgrade all runes.
  • A Memorable Performance: Earn a Gold Rank in a multiplayer match.
  • Shareware: Create a SnapMap and publish it.
  • Entry: Complete the basic and advanced SnapMap tutorials.

We also invite you to watch the following video about Doom PC to learn more about this title.