Download a preview of a YouTube video

Method 1: link

The covers of all the videos are available through links of the type, Where, in ABCDEFinstead a unique identifier is indicated. You can see it on the display page, in the address bar after the sign =.

    1. Open the video whose image you want to upload. Copy the combination of letters and numbers that follow the symbol =.
    2. Follow the link above, having successfully substituted the clipboard ID.
    3. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S to save the image on your device. Choose where to put it and click "Save" .

Method 2: Page Code

The link to the main image is clearly indicated in two HTML tags visible when viewing the page code.

    1. Go to YouTube video and press Ctrl + U to see the code for the replay page.
    2. Press Ctrl + F o F3 to open the search menu. Please enter og:imageany image_src.
    3. Go to the address at the beginning of the article and download the image in exactly the same way as shown in the instructions above.

Способ 3: Get YouTube Video Thumbnail

You can use a special service to download covers.

Go to Get thumbnail of YouTube video

    1. Insert the link to the video, use the button "Get YouTube thumbnail" .
    2. Right-click on the result and click "Save Image As …" (it can be called differently depending on the browser).
    3. Choose where to place the preview and then click "Save" .

Способ 4: YouTube thumbnail image

A site similar to the previous one is also destined to the download of covers.

Go to thumbnail image from YouTube

  1. Paste the video URL, then click "Search" .
  2. Choose in what resolution you want to download the image and click "Download" . HD files are of the highest quality.
  3. Confirm the save in the window called by the browser (in the screenshot, Mozilla Firefox), or open the file once; then it will be deleted automatically after a while.

Method 5: Involt

A site in Russian is also suitable for downloading a preview.

Go to the Involta website

  1. Enter the address of the video in the field and click "Generate" .
  2. To find the best quality image, scroll to the bottom of the results list and click "Link to the source" in the last block.
  3. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S to load the image. Choose where to put it and then click Save .