Turn on sound in Zoom on different devices

Activation of incoming sounds

Initially, on Zoom for Windows and mobile devices, incoming sounds play without any restrictions, as long as the system volume is turned up high enough and no settings have been changed. Also, don't forget about microphone operation on each speaker's side within a conference, as individual users control the settings themselves.

Option 1: Computer

To activate sounds in Zoom, you can use the internal settings of the messenger or the general settings of your operating system. You have to pay more attention to the second option because, unlike on mobile platforms, sounds are quite easily restricted on a PC.

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If the procedure presented in the separate instruction does not give results, we recommend that you uninstall and reinstall the program, thereby resetting any settings to their default values. Of course, this only applies if the drivers and audio output devices are working properly.

Option 2: Mobile device

On mobile phones, as in the previous case, the sound can be activated through the standard conference settings available for each user, or through the organizer's control panel. Most of the time this is necessary after you have changed the session settings yourself or forced participants to mute, whereas by default there are no restrictions.

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Aside from deliberate or accidental use of certain instruments, the sound on a mobile device may be missing due to low volume or technical glitches. Most of the time the problems are solved simply by reinstalling the app.

Turn on the microphone

To enable your own microphone to send the audio to other Zoom conference participants, it will usually be enough to press the corresponding button in the bottom panel, regardless of the version used. In addition, the automatic sending of sounds can be activated in the settings of the internal program by deactivating the function «Function «Mute my microphone».

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Unlike mobile platforms, where the source can only be a physical microphone, on a computer you can choose a specific sound recording device, including a stereo mixer, that picks up and transmits any sound from the system. So if you need to stream directly from the operating system, you'd better take care of enabling the proper virtual device and making configuration changes first.

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