"Error code 905" in Play Store

"Error code 905" in Play Store

Play Market is a huge app store used by millions of people every day. Therefore, its operation may not always be stable, from time to time, various errors with specific numbers may appear, which can be used to find a solution to the problem.

How to fix "error code 905" in the Play Store

There are several options for getting rid of the 905 error. We will discuss these in more detail below.

Method 1: Change the sleep mode time

The first reason "Error 905" it may serve as too short a screen lock time. It only takes a few steps to increase it.

  1. В "Settings". of your device, go to the tab "Screen". o "Screen"..
  2. Now to set the lock time, click on the line "Sleep mode"..
  3. In the next window, select the maximum available mode.

These actions should help eliminate the error. After downloading the app, reset the sleep time to a value acceptable to you.

Method 2: Clear the apps running in the background

Another factor for the error can be the device's RAM clogged with various applications running.

    1. To stop the currently unnecessary applications from running, go to "Settings". to the tab "Applications"..
    2. On different Android cases, the option to display them can be in different places. In this case, at the top of the screen, tap on the line "All applications". with the down arrow.

In the application classification window that appears, select "Active"..

  1. Next, select the applications that you do not need at the moment, go to their details and stop them by pressing the corresponding button.

Also, Clean Master can help with a quick clean. Then go back to the Play Market and try to download or update the software again.

Method 3: Compensation of Play Market data

Over time, Play Market services accumulate data from previous visits to the store, which affects their proper functioning. From time to time you have to delete them to avoid those mistakes.

To do this, go to "Settings". on your gadget and open "Applications"..

    1. Among the installed applications, find Play Market and tap on the name to select it.
    2. Then go to "Memory".and then press the buttons "Clear cache." и "Restart".. In the pop-up windows, tap "AGREE". to confirm. In Android versions lower than 6.0 the cache and restart are located immediately when entering the application settings.
    3. Now it only remains to return the Play Market to its original version. At the bottom of the screen or in the upper right corner (the location of this button depends on your device) click "Menu". and press «Delete updates»..
    4. A window will then appear to clarify your action: confirm by selecting the appropriate option.
    5. Finally, a question about installing the original version will appear. Press the button "OKAY".The updates will be deleted and then the updates will be removed.

Restart your device and go to Play Market. You may not be allowed to log in or get kicked out of the app. This will happen because the update in it is automatic and at the moment it is installed, it does not take more than a minute with a stable internet. After that the error should go away.

So to deal with "Error 905" it is not so difficult. To avoid this in the future, periodically clear the app cache. This will result in fewer errors and more free memory on the device.

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