File transfer over Wi-Fi between computers, phones and tablets in Filedrop

There are many ways to transfer files from computer to computer, phone or any other device, from USB flash drives to local network and cloud storage. However, not all of them are comfortable and fast enough, and some of them (local network) require the user to have knowledge to configure them.

This article is about a simple way to transfer files over Wi-Fi between almost any device that is connected to the same Wi-Fi router using Filedrop. This method requires a minimum of steps, and requires almost no configuration, it is really convenient and suitable for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS devices.

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How file transfer works with Filedrop

First of all, you will have to install the Filedrop software on the devices that are going to participate in the file sharing (however, you can do without installing anything on your computer and use only a browser, which I will write about later) .

The official website of the program is - by clicking the "Menu" button on the page you will see download options for different operating systems. All versions of the application, except for iPhone and iPad, are free.

After launching the program (the first time you run it on a Windows computer, you will need to allow Filedrop access to public networks), you will see a simple interface showing all the devices currently connected to your Wi-Fi router (including wired connections) and where Filedrop is installed.

Now, to transfer a file over Wi-Fi, you just have to drag and drop it on the device where you want the transfer to take place. If you are going to transfer a file from your mobile device to your computer, click on the box icon on your computer desktop: a simple file manager will open where you can select the items you want to send.

Another option is to use a browser with the Filedrop web page open (no registration required) to send the files: you will also see on the home page the devices that have the application running or the same page open and you will only have to drag and drop the files you want on them (I remind you that all devices must be connected to the same router). However, when I checked the delivery through the site, not all devices were visible.

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In addition to the file transfer already described, Filedrop can be used to show a slide show from a mobile device to a computer, for example. To do this, use the "photo" icon and select the images you want to display. On their website, the developers write that they are working on the ability to display videos and presentations in the same way.

Judging by the speed of the file transfer, it is directly over a Wi-Fi connection, using all the bandwidth of the wireless network. However, without an internet connection, the application does not work. From what I have understood the working principle, Filedrop identifies devices by external IP address and establishes a direct connection between them during transmission (but I could be wrong, I am not an expert on network protocols and their use in programs).