Fix error 0x80072f8f when activating Windows 7

Activating the Windows operating system, although simple, can be a daunting task for an inexperienced user, as errors with little obvious causes can occur during this operation. In this article we will focus on one of those failures with the code 0x80072f8f.

Fixing error 0x80072f8f

First, let's briefly break down the beginning of the activation process. Our operating system sends a request to a special Microsoft server and receives an appropriate response. It is precisely in this phase that an error can occur due to the transmission of incorrect data to the server. It can occur due to incorrect (confusing) time or network settings. Activation success can also be affected by viruses, installed programs and drivers, as well as an "extra" key in the system registry.

Before proceeding with the repair, make sure that all the necessary conditions for normal operation are met.

  • Deactivate the antivirus software, if it is installed on the PC. These programs can prevent queries from being sent and responses from being received over the network.

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  • Update your network card driver as outdated software can cause your device to malfunction.

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  • Please try the operation later as the server may be unavailable due to technical work or other reason.
  • Check if the digits of the license key are entered correctly. If you are using someone else's credentials, be aware that the key may be forbidden.

After completing all the above points, proceed to eliminate other factors.

Cause 1: System time

A confusing system time can cause a lot of problems. These settings are especially important for activating the software, including the OS. A discrepancy of even one minute will give the server a reason not to send you a response. You can solve this problem by adjusting the settings manually or by turning on automatic syncing over the Internet. Tip: Use the address

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Reason 2: Network configuration

Incorrect network configuration values ​​can cause our computer, from the server's point of view, to send incorrect requests. In this case, it does not matter which settings need to be 'retouched', as they just need to be reset to their original values.

  1. В "Command line".running as administrator, it runs four commands one at a time.

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    netsh winsock reset
    netsh int ip reset all
    netsh winhttp reset proxy
    ipconfig /flushdns

    The first command resets the Winsock directory, the second does the same with the TCP / IP protocol, the third disables the proxy, and the fourth clears the DNS cache.

  2. Reboot the machine and try to wake up the system.

Cause 3: Invalid registry parameter

The Windows registry contains data to control all system processes. Of course, it also contains the key that is "responsible" for our current problem. It is necessary to set it to zero, that is, to show the operating system that the parameter is disabled.

  1. Open the system registry editor by any of the available methods.

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  2. Go to the branch


    Here we are interested in a key called


    Click on it twice and in the field "Value". write «0» (zero) without quotes, and then press OK.

  3. Close the editor and restart your computer.


As you can see, solving your Windows 7 activation problem is pretty straightforward. Follow all necessary steps as carefully as possible, especially registry editing, and do not use stolen keys.

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