Fix error 492 when downloading an app from the Play Store

Fix error 492 when downloading an app from the Play Store

Active Android mobile phone users can run into various bugs from time to time, sometimes occurring at the very "heart" of the operating system - Google Play Market. Each of these errors has its own code, so you have to find the cause of the problem and how to solve it. In this article we will tell you how to get rid of error 492.

Options to fix error 492 in Play Market

The main reason for the error with code 492, which occurs when downloading / updating this or that application from the store, is the cache overflow. Please note that cache overflow can be detected both in some native applications and in the system in general. Next we will talk about all the ways to solve this problem, going from the simplest to the most complex, we can even say that it is radical.

Method 1: Reinstall the application

As mentioned above, the error, which has code 492, occurs when trying to install or update an application. If the latter is your option, the first thing to do is resort to reinstalling the culprit of the problem. Of course, in cases where the application or game data is of great value, you will have to make a backup first.

Note: Many programs that have an authorization function can automatically back up your data and then sync it. For this type of software, you do not need to create a backup.

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    1. You can uninstall an application in several ways. For example, through "Settings". systems:
        • In the settings, find the section "Applications".Open it and navigate to "Installed" o "All requests."o «Show all applications» (depends on the version of the operating system and your shell).

      • In the list, find the one you want to delete and tap its name.
      • Click on "Delete". and, if necessary, confirm your intentions.

Tip: You can also uninstall an app through the Play Store. Go to your page in the store, for example, using search or by scrolling through the list of programs installed on your device, and press there "Uninstall"..

  1. The problematic application will be removed. Look for it again in the Play Store and install it on your mobile phone by tapping the corresponding button on its page. If necessary, provide the necessary permissions.
  2. If error 492 does not occur during installation, the problem is resolved.

In the same case, if the actions described above did not resolve the failure, proceed to the next solutions.

Method 2: Clear App Store data

The simple procedure of reinstalling problematic software is far from always fixing the error at hand. It will also not work if there is a problem with the installation of the application and not with its update. Sometimes you have to take more serious measures, and the first of them is to clear the cache of the Play Store, which over time overflows and prevents the system from working normally.

  1. After opening the mobile phone settings, go to "Apps"..
  2. Now open the list of all the applications installed on your mobile phone.
  3. Find Play Market in this list and click on its name.
  4. Go to the section "Stock"..
  5. Alternatively, tap on the buttons "Clear cache." и "Delete data".If necessary, confirm your intentions in the pop-up window.
  6. Can go out "Settings".. For the procedure to be more effective, it is recommended to restart the mobile phone. To do this, press and hold the Power / Lock key and, in the window that appears, select "Restart".. A confirmation may also be required here.
  7. Run the Play Store again and try to update or install the app that gave you error 492 when downloading it.

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Most likely, the problem with the software installation will not happen again, but if it happens again, please follow the next steps additionally.

Method 3: Clear Google Play Services data

Google Play Services is an essential software component of the Android operating system, without which the brand's software will not function properly. In this software, as in the App Store, a lot of unnecessary data and cache accumulates during use, which can also lead to the error in question. Our task now is to "clean" the services exactly as we did with the Play Store.

  1. Repeat steps 1-2 from the above method, look in the list of installed applications "Google Play services". and click on that item.
  2. Go to the section "Stock"..
  3. Click on "Clear cache."and then press the adjacent button - "Manage location"..
  4. Click the button below "Clear all data"Confirm your intentions, if necessary, by clicking "AGREE". in the popup.
  5. Get out of "Settings". and restart your device.
  6. After turning on your mobile phone, go to the Play Store and try to update or install the application whose error code 492 appeared when downloading.

To be more effective in combating the issue in question, we recommend that you first follow the steps outlined in Method 2 (Step 1-5) by clearing the App Store data. Once done, proceed with the instruction for this method. The error is very likely to be resolved. If not, go to the next method.

Method 4: Clear Dalvik Cache

If clearing the proprietary application data has not been successful in fighting error 492, clearing the Dalvik cache is worth it. To do this, you will have to enter the recovery mode of your mobile device or Recovery mode. It does not matter if your mobile phone is running factory (default) or extended (TWRP or CWM Recovery) recoveries, all actions are performed in a similar way, according to the algorithm described below.

Note: Our example uses a mobile device with a custom recovery environment - TWRP. In your ClockWorkMode (CWM) analog, as in the factory recovery environment, the position of the items may be slightly different, but their names will be the same or as similar in meaning.

    1. Turn off the phone, and then press the volume up and power buttons at the same time. After a few seconds, the recovery environment will start.

Note: On some devices, you may need to press the opposite of volume up: volume down. In Samsung devices, you also have to hold down the physical key "Home"..

    1. Find the article "Clean up" ("Cleaning".) and select it, then go to "Advanced" ("Selective cleaning"), check the box next to "Clear Dalvik / Art cache" or select this item (depends on the type of recovery) and confirm your action.

Important: Unlike the TWRP discussed in our example, the factory recovery environment and its extended version (CWM) do not support touch controls. You must use the volume key (down / up) to scroll through the items and the power key to confirm your selection.

    1. After clearing the Dalvik cache, return to the main recovery screen using the hard keys or by tapping the screen. Select item "Reboot to system.".

Note: In TWRP, it is not necessary to go to the home screen to restart the device. You can press the corresponding button immediately after performing the cleaning procedure.

  1. Wait for the system to start up, launch Play Market, and install or update the app that you encountered error 492 previously.

This method of solving the error we are considering is the most efficient and almost always gives a positive result. If it has not helped you at all, you have the last solution, the most radical, which is discussed below.

Method 5: Factory Reset

In rare cases, none of the methods described above can eliminate error 492. Unfortunately, the only possible solution to this state of affairs is to reset the mobile phone to factory settings, after which it will revert to "out of the box" state. . This means that all user data, installed applications, and operating system presets will be erased.

Important: It is highly recommended to back up your data before restoring it. At the beginning of the first method you will find a link to an article on this topic.

We have previously written on the site about how to return your Android mobile phone to its pristine state. You just have to follow the link below and consult the detailed guide.

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To summarize the article, there is nothing complicated in fixing error 492 that occurs when downloading applications from Play Market. In most cases, one of the first three ways helps to get rid of this nasty problem. By the way, you can apply them together, which will clearly increase the chances of achieving a positive result.

A more radical measure, but one that is practically guaranteed to be effective, is to clear the Dalvik cache. If for some reason this method cannot be used or does not help to resolve the error, the only remaining measure is an emergency one - resetting the settings of the smartphone with the complete loss of the data stored on it. We hope not to get there.

We are glad that we were able to help you with your problem.

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