Fix "NAT type failed to detect" error on PlayStation 4

Fix "NAT type failed to detect" error on PlayStation 4

Solution 1: Contact your ISP technical support

One of the main reasons for the problem in question is a connection failure on the part of your Internet Service Provider: for example, a line failure has occurred and maintenance work is underway. Contact your service provider's helpdesk - if the problem is on their part, they should let you know.

Method 2: Check the router configuration

If the Internet turns out to be fine, the likely cause of the error may be incorrect connection settings on the router. So the next step is to check the configuration through the router's web interface and make changes to it.

More information: Example router configuration

Method 3: Change the console network settings

In situations where the error is not the fault of your Internet provider or incorrect router configuration, it may be due to the configuration of the console itself.

  1. Open "Settings". Your PlayStation 4.
  2. Go to the section "Net".
  3. Select the article. "Establish an Internet connection".

    Specify exactly how the decoder will connect to the worldwide network: if wireless, use the position "Wireless".If by cable - "LAN".

    Here, use the option "Special".

  4. This will open the advanced connection setup screen. The first option to specify is to obtain an IP address - NAT failure is usually caused by an incorrect value in this configuration. In most cases, you will need to set "Automatic".but if the problem is observed with it, you have to select another - "Handbook". o "PPPoE" (if using a direct cable connection without a router).
  5. The next parameter to check is DHCP. You do not need to specify a host name for most Internet connection methods, but for users of VPN connections (such as L2TP) you must select the option "Specify." and enter the address provided by the provider.
  6. Now you have to specify the DNS. Here it is advisable that you enter it yourself: select "Handbook". and enter Google's public servers as addresses - и respectively.
  7. The MTU parameters have almost no effect on the occurrence of the error in question, so leave the ones you already have.
  8. Often a NAT problem is caused by a misconfigured proxy address, so if one is used, make sure all data is entered correctly. Otherwise, select the option "Do not use"..
  9. Done - when you go back to the main network settings window, try to connect to the internet, everything should work.
  10. This method allows you to fix the problem in question without too much difficulty.

Method 4: Configure a static IP address

If the previous option has not worked for you either, you have a rather drastic solution left: give your PlayStation 4 a static address.

  1. Use the above method to call the console network settings, but now select "Check the Internet connection".
  2. Memorize (or annotate or photograph the screen) the information, from the position "IP adress". a "MAC address (Wi-Fi)" o "MAC address (LAN)" (the latter depends on how the cable box is connected to the Internet).

    Make sure you also know the address of your router, as we will need it.

    Read more: How to find out the IP address of your router

  3. Now you have to make sure that the router you are using supports static IP settings. You can do it from its own interface: enter the device configuration - normally you will have to enter an address from the following form in your browser o

    Read more: How to enter the router configuration

    Then open the section "LAN" and check if there is any name option here «Manual alignment», "Static address", "DHCP server" or of similar meaning.

    If such an item is found, go to the next step, but if there is nothing similar, go to step 5. Also check if there is a block with the same name on the same tab "DHCP range". o "DHCP range" - If there is an element of this type, be sure to write down the information that appears in it.

  4. In the case of routers that allow you to establish a permanent IP, the procedure is simpler since it is their web interface. In our example, it will be an ASUS device with a "black" variant. Open section "Local area network". and select the tab "DHCP server".

    Then translate the parameter "Activate manual assignment" to position "Yes". Below the block appears a line with a drop-down menu "MAC address" and an input field for the IP. In the first, select the value corresponding to the one received from the decoder in step 2.

    Important! If the PS4 is connected via Wi-Fi, specify a value "MAC address (Wi-Fi)"if it is by cable - "MAC address (LAN)"!

    In the countryside "IP adress" enter the desired one for your decoder. It should not be specified randomly, but according to the router's DHCP range obtained in step 3. If no octet limits are specified on the router interface, you will have to select them manually: the first two should look like 192.168., While that the latter depends on the space available. Check that the information is correct and click "Add"..

  5. If your router does not support the emission of static IPs, the address must be entered in the console itself. Go to the console network settings, use steps 3-4 of the previous method and at the type selection point specify "Handbook"..

    The detailed connection configuration interface will open - first enter the IP, noting the available range (see the previous step), in the remaining items specify the data you received in step 2.

    Important! The router address must be configured as the default gateway.

    Click on "Next". and finish adding the connection - leave all other settings at their default options.

  6. As an optional measure, you can also forward some ports to a certain internal decoder address:
    • TCP - 80, 443, 1935, 3478-3480;
    • UDP - 3478-3479.

    We already have a separate article on how to do the routing procedure, so check it out at the link below.

    Read more: How to forward ports on a router

This method is time consuming, but almost guarantees the elimination of the error in question.

We are glad that we were able to help you with your problem.

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