Fortnite is one of the most played video games in recent times, so we invite you to enjoy the following article about fortnite weapons: discover one for each mode, which help you level up and reach the final goal.


Weapons that you can get in Fortnite.

Fortnite weapons

Before starting this article, we must remember that this video game developed by Epic Games, introduced to the market in the year 2.017, with different game modes for Nintendo Switch, MacOS, Xbox One, Windows and PlayStation.

Fortnite can be played in three different ways, Save the world, this mode is a cooperative game in which players will have to fight against creatures and carcasses using fortifications and objects, Battle Royale where up to one hundred users find themselves fighting on an island during a storm and creative mode

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What are the fortnite weapons that can be obtained?

In order to participate and survive in a video game in which you have to fight against enemies, you must know all Fortnite weapons and when you can use them, especially during Battle Royale mode.

We must remember that this modality is played by up to one hundred different users, who are looking for ways to be the last to stand. This video game has a large number of weapons so below we will share with you a list of all Fortnite weapons.


This weapon will not be essential for your game, but it does not bother to have it in your inventory. It does not need any type of recharge unlike other weapons, it generates a lot of blow to the victim if it hits the body or head, it is ideal for breaking structures and finding materials.

Assault rifle

It is one of the most important and versatile weapons that you will find in this video game, since you can shoot in bursts or also a long-distance shot will be very easy to achieve. However, when trying to shoot at close range, it loses power and effectiveness compared to other weapons.

In the assault rifles we find: Scope rifle, burst assault rifle, with technical scope, heavy, infantry rifle, tactical, with silencer, Ocean burst, lever, heavy Meowscles, all classified as uncommon, rare , epic, legendary and mythical.

Submachine guns, fortnite weapons

Unlike others they are not very useful for long and medium range, but at short range they are excellent. It has a repetition of fire that makes it a very recognized weapon in the game, but its types are very few: with silencer, compact, tactical, burst, midas drum, frozen and the simple submachine gun, which are classified equally Than rifles in Rare, Legendary, Uncommon, Epic, Mythical, and Exotic.

Light machine guns

They are called this way, because it can be held in hand without any problem, but these weapons can bury any of your enemies in a large burst of bullets. It is not easy to use and the ammunition of the minigun is the same of the submachine guns.


These weapons are the greatest fear that every survivor who enters a building has, so it is recommended when entering the territory of another player, be very careful. They are excellent for close combat and quickly take down all the enemies you get.

These weapons use cartridges as ammunition, there are several types: Log, Heavy, Double Barrel Shotgun, Tactical, Drum, Combat, Charge, Kit Charge, Dragon Breath, Clipped Triumph and Lever Action.

Missile Launchers and Grenade Launchers

Among all the weapons that you can get within Fortnite, it is without a doubt the safest option to bomb the opposite space.

Rocket launchers can surprise any enemy, but their projectiles usually take a very long time to arrive. However when we talk about grenade launchers in closed places, they are excellent but cause a lot of panic among their enemies when they are inside a building and hear the bounce of the grenade.

Weapons in this category include: Quadruple Missile Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Proximity Grenade Launcher, TnTina Ka-Boom Explosive Bow, Kit Wave Launcher, Quad Burst Launcher, and The Big Frost.

Sniper rifle, fortnite weapons

These weapons are the best to surprise your enemy from very high places or hidden in long distances, taking into account that when you miss the shot your location will be completely exposed.

If you have seen series or movies that there is a role as a sniper, you will notice that the shot takes a few seconds to reach its destination, a characteristic that is maintained in this video game.

The types of rifles that you can get in the sniper video game are: Bolt-On, Semi-Automatic, Heavy, Silenced, Storm Scout, Explosive Sniper Rifle, Amban from The Mandalorian, and Dragon's Breath.


Fortnite Flare Gum Pistol

The classic pistols

The pistols come in a wide variety of types that are ideal for early game or in times when you are in trouble.

One of the best options is silenced pistols, since they are precise, cause some damage to the enemy and their shot is fast. These include: Silenced Pistol, Heavy, Scoped Revolver, Twin, Matchlock, Flare Pistols, Nighthawk, Jump Rock Twin, Shadow Pistol, and Knockdown Pistol.

Fortnite weapon traps

These traps do a lot of damage to their enemies, as they are placed on surfaces where they can pass under or over them. In general, the players who fall with these weapons are the newest or those who are distracted.

The reversed-storm

Despite not being a typical weapon, storm reversers can be used to create a high-danger zone for example, a storm.

This can be used to enclose your enemies inside a spherical radioactive storm or even to protect you within a great storm for a few seconds.