Forwarding messages in Viber messenger

Forwarding messages in Viber messenger

The message forwarding function, available to users of the Viber applications for Android, iOS and Windows, gives the opportunity to significantly increase the speed of information distribution, and therefore increases the efficiency of the operation of the service, which provides the exchange of data between Internet users. Let's find out how you can copy the messages of a conversation, group chat or community in a messenger and put them in another correspondence very quickly and without breaking their integrity.

How to forward messages on Viber

Regardless of the device used to access Viber, to forward the information received within the unavailable chats to another user, it is not necessary at all to use the copy and paste function in the literal sense or reproduce the information in another way. On Android devices and iPhones with messenger installed, message forwarding is done with just a few taps on the screen, and users of Viber for Windows do not need to follow complicated instructions to solve the problem mentioned in the article title.


In Viber for Android, to forward any message to other users, it is possible to use more than one technique. Depending on the situation, use one of the options indicated below, but note that the effective execution of the first three instructions below requires that the data of the person to whom the information is transmitted is entered in "Contacts". of his messenger.

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Method 1: The "Forward" button in the chat

    1. Open Viber and go to any chat room where the information to be forwarded is present.
    2. Next to the area of ​​each message (to the left of outgoing messages, to the right of incoming messages), with the exception of those that only contain text, there is an element in the shape of a rounded arrow pointing to the right. This is the "button." "Ahead". - click on it.

  1. On the screen that opens. "Ahead" Check the box next to the recipient's name to forward the information. If a chat with the recipient has not yet been created in Viber, search for their contact in the messenger's address book using the corresponding field on the screen. If you need to forward information to multiple people registered in Viber at the same time, select all of them.
  2. When you have finished selecting recipients, press "Send". at the bottom of the screen on the right. This will instantly send the duplicate messages to the messenger participants specified in the previous step, and you will automatically return to the source chat.

Method 2: Context menu

The following method of forwarding messages from one Viber chat to another is more versatile than the previous one and offers you the ability to forward absolutely any message, including text messages.

    1. Open a conversation, a group or a community in the messenger and, with a long touch in the area of ​​any message, bring up its contextual menu.

  1. Select "Forward via Viber." in the list of actions applicable to the correspondence item, and then press the arrow button that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Follow steps # 3 and # 4 of the previous instruction in this article.

Method 3: Multiple messages

In Viber for Android, it is possible to forward multiple messages from one chat to another simultaneously, which is quite convenient due to the absence of the need to repeatedly perform the manipulations described earlier in the article regarding each forwarded message.

Note that the following instruction will only work in "normal" group chats and dialogues, but not in communities.

  1. Open the conversation of origin of the forwarded messages in your messenger. Touch the three dots at the top right of the screen to bring up the chat menu and touch «Select messages»..
  2. Briefly tap on correspondence items to highlight everything that has been forwarded to another chat room, then tap the button at the bottom of the screen, on the right "Ahead"..
  3. Specify the recipients of a copy of part of the correspondence in the list of open chats and / or in the messenger address book, and then click on the paper plane button.
  4. Now you can check the effectiveness of the operation carried out by chatting with the recipient of the duplicate messages.

Method 4: Stock Option

For photos and videos (but not other information) received through Viber chats, you can turn on the feature Share.This will allow the content to be redirected to people who are not registered with the messenger in question.

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  1. Open a chat that contains a photo or video file that you want to "extract" from the messenger and send to another user.
  2. Long press on an image or clip preview in the correspondence to bring up the menu. Then press Share..
  3. In the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen, look for an icon of a service or application that you can use to deliver the data to the recipient, for example, another courier with whom it is registered. Press the file forwarding icon and select the recipient and complete the send.


Users of Viber for iPhone, when they need to transfer information from a chat in the messenger to a person who is not involved in the specific correspondence, depending on the type of source message, they can act according to one of three algorithms. As in the case of Android, the recipient of the forwarded message must be previously entered in the messenger's address book.

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Method 1: The "Forward" button in the chat

  1. Start messenger on your iPhone and go to the chat room where the message to be forwarded is located.
  2. If the message has content (photo, video, file, link) there will be a button next to the area it occupies on the screen "Ahead". shaped like a bent arrow. Touch this item.
  3. In the screen that opens, select where the content is forwarded or specify multiple recipients. If the recipient or group is open in a messenger, select the check box next to the destination chat header. In cases where the chat has not been sent or has been deleted, look for the Viber username in "Contacts". - access to the address book is done by clicking on the field "Look for"..
  4. Once you have finished selecting the recipient (s), press "Done". - a duplicate of the message selected in the first step of these instructions will go immediately to its destination, and you will be transferred to the original correspondence.

Method 2: Context menu

The following method of forwarding chat and group messages in Viber can be used regardless of the type of information forwarded, that is, it also applies to text messages. Also, the following instruction should be used when multiple chat items need to be copied from one chat to another at the same time.

  1. Open the conversation and bring up the menu of the message whose copy you want to provide to a specific messaging account holder. To do this, touch the screen in the area of ​​the message you want to forward and hold your finger lightly.
  2. If necessary, scroll through the menu that appears by tapping the arrow button and then tap "Plus…". Select "Ahead". in the list of actions available for the message that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  3. If the messages are sent in a batch, check the boxes next to some or all of the correspondence items. Then press the "Ahead". at the bottom of the screen on the right.
  4. It remains to select the recipients of the copies of the messages and start sending, - this is done in the manner described in points # 3-4 of the previous instructions of this material.

Method 3: Stock Option

Forwarding messages to Viber doesn't usually involve going beyond the messenger, but there are exceptions. If you need to send a photo or video from a Viber chat and the recipient is not registered with the service in question, you can use the following trick.

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  1. Open a conversation, a group chat or a community where the image and / or video that is being forwarded from the messenger appears.
  2. With a brief touch on the thumbnail of the photo or video, it enlarges it to full screen. Now touch the icon Share. at the bottom of the screen, on the left, and then tap the item of the same name in the menu that appears.
  3. From the content delivery tools available in the list that opens, select the one that is available to the recipient (in our example, the almost universal tool is "Mail".). Specify the recipient in the running program and press "Send"..


Viber for PC offers two interface elements to solve our article title problem. Due to the operation of Windows, using the Viber desktop application it is not possible to directly transfer data outside the service. One more nuance: information can only be forwarded to a user who is logged in "Contacts". messenger to individuals.

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Method 1: The "Forward" button in the chat

  1. Start vyber on your computer and open any type of chat from which you are going to forward the information.
  2. Without leaving the chat window, click the arrow button next to each message area, except text-only messages, to forward the message to another Viber user.
  3. In the window that opens. "Forward messages." check the boxes next to the chat rooms of the recipients of the forwarded data, or use the option «Search contacts ...»to select the recipient (s) from the messenger's address book.
  4. Click on "Ahead". - this action starts sending a duplicate of the information selected in step 2 of this instruction to a third person or group of Viber users.
  5. Almost immediately you will be able to evaluate the result of the operation carried out - to do it in Viber for Windows, go to a chat with the recipient of the copy of this or that message.

Method 2: Context menu

  1. Navigate to the conversation in which the message to be forwarded appears.
  2. Right-click on the area of ​​the message that you want to copy.
  3. In the menu that appears, select the option "Ahead"..
  4. Follow # 3-4 of the previous instruction in this article.

Method 3: Multiple messages

If your goal is to forward multiple messages from one Viber chat to another, you can of course act on each of them in turn using the above methods. But it is much faster and more convenient to do the following.

  1. Open the source correspondence of the forwarded data.
  2. Right-click in any message area. In the context menu that appears, click "To select"..
  3. By checking the checkboxes to the right of the correspondence items, select the messages to be forwarded.
  4. Click the right arrow button in the lower right corner of the Viber PC window.
  5. Select the recipients of the messages in the window that opens and click the button "Ahead"..
  6. At this point, the task of copying multiple messages from one Viber chat to another (s) is considered resolved.


The information forwarding procedure in Viber messenger itself is not characterized by the complexity of its execution. When the need arises to send a copy of a message to a third party, pay attention only to the content of the message, allowing you to quickly determine the applicability of a particular forwarding method.

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