Free versions of antivirus

Free versions of antivirus

In this article, we are going to talk about the free versions of the most popular antiviruses that are quite usable, protecting your computer from viruses and emergency cures for viruses if necessary.

For example, if your regular antivirus finds no threats, you can use the free version of a popular antivirus when malware is suspected, without buying a new one.

A computer virus is a program or piece of software code capable of replicating itself, infecting other (running) programs, and spreading without the user's knowledge.

The main ways in which viruses appear on a computer:

  • CDs and DVDs
  • USB storage media (flash drives)
  • Local area networks and the Internet

The action of computer viruses is always malicious. Even if a virus doesn't overtly harm the system, its presence disrupts programs, takes up hard drive space, and disrupts the allocation of computer resources. The most virulent viruses can delete user files and data, spread advertising (spam) through emails on behalf of users, "steal" data (passwords) from user accounts. A virus can corrupt the entire operating system or even damage the computer's hardware. There have been cases in history where a computer virus has brought down entire organizations, such as airports or television studios. Thousands of computer viruses are known to spread over the Internet.

For a detailed classification of malware, see the virus encyclopedia


Certainly, it can be said that computer viruses are detrimental to system performance. But is there a way to protect yourself from this problem? Yes, actively developing antivirus programs have been created to protect against computer viruses. Today, the antivirus software market has more than a hundred representatives. Let's consider the most popular among users:

  • trend Micro
  • Antivirus Kaspersky
  • NANO
  • Dr Web.
  • Avast
  • VirusBlockAda
  • McAfee
  • Zillya
  • Nod32
  • Comfortable
  • AVG
  • Outpost
  • Avira
  • Panda

The variety of antivirus programs is due to the different algorithms to search for and cure viruses. However, despite the wide range of antivirus capabilities, none of them guarantee 100% computer protection. To a large extent, it depends on the literacy of the user himself.

Currently, the price of an antivirus package for a PC is on average 2.000 rubles. And, if a few years ago, most manufacturers represented an unlimited term of use of antivirus software, now, for the most part, the term of the license for a computer is valid for one year.

Of course, for commercial organizations, data security is not only of practical importance, but also of economic importance. And to keep them safe, you need to use advanced data protection programs, including antivirus. But is it reasonable to pay an annual fee for an antivirus installed on a home PC, the malfunction of which is unlikely to have serious financial consequences?

Free versions of antivirus

Most antivirus software manufacturers, along with paid versions of programs, present free analogues, the main feature of which is a reduced set of functions. In addition, there are various utilities for individual system testing, even online. Here are some of them:

Antivirus Kaspersky

In addition to the trial versions of the basic antivirus packages with a limited period of validity, which you can download for free on the official website, the company offers the following free software:

Kaspersky virus removal tool - A one-time computer scan utility that treats an already infected PC, but does not provide permanent protection against infection.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk - ISO disk image designed to recover your PC after being hit by viruses, remove banner from your desktop and other purposes.

Kaspersky Security Analysis - Kaspersky Security Scan is a free application designed to scan your computer for threats and check the security level of your system. Kaspersky Security Scan uses advanced developments from Kaspersky Lab and scans your computer for the latest viruses and threats. This utility scans your computer even if you already have an antivirus program running. Also, you do not have to worry about conflicts with other antivirus packages when downloading and installing Kaspersky Security Scan. Once installed, Kaspersky Security Scan has access to daily virus and vulnerability database updates.


At, there are trial versions of antivirus software. In addition, the company offers the following free software:

Free Avast 8 Antivirus - Program for the comprehensive protection of the system against malware.

avast! Free Mobile Security - A utility to protect your phone from malicious attacks and help you locate a lost or stolen device while hiding from potential thieves. The program includes: a filter for incoming calls and messages, a blacklist of contacts and a traffic monitoring function that will help you not exceed your monthly limits.


In addition to the trial versions of the main products, you can also take advantage of the free programs:

ESET Online Scanner es una herramienta gratuita para diagnosticar y eliminar el malware en cualquier PC sin necesidad de instalar un software antivirus utilizando la mayoría de los navegadores: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Netscape, Safari, Firefox, Opera y otros. ESET Online Scanner se basa en la tecnología Threat Sense® que detecta de forma proactiva las amenazas conocidas y las no definidas anteriormente, así como las bases de datos de firmas actualizadas. El escáner permitirá el escaneo dirigido de objetos sospechosos individuales, unidades específicas, carpetas o archivos.

ESET NOD32 Smart Security 4.2 - An antivirus solution for the maximum comprehensive protection of the user against all Internet threats. The advantage of this product is the accurate detection of all installed and previously unknown malicious utilities. To use the product it is necessary to obtain a free key.

ESET NOD32 LiveCD - System disk for operating system recovery.

ESET SysInspector 32bit / 64bit - Utility to check the level of protection of the system

The manufacturer provides various utilities to remove Trojan programs


The company introduces 30-day versions of antivirus

In addition, you will find free products such as:

Dr.Web CureIt! - A free healing utility to quickly check your computer and cure it if malicious objects are found. The advantages of this product are:

  • A new scanning subsystem capable of analyzing your computer's hard drives in multi-threaded mode, making the most of multi-core systems.
  • Significant improvement in scanning speed.
  • The significant increase in application stability practically eliminates the risk of BSOD ("Blue Screen of Death") when scanning.
  • Rootkit search module.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Wide range of selective computer scan settings (boot sectors, memory, autorun objects).
  • Blocked network connections during system check.
  • Function to stop the system operation after the scan is finished.
  • Look for malicious "bios-kits", programs that infect a PC's BIOS.
  • Integrated quarantine management.
  • Ability to disable low-level writing to disks.

Dr.Web® LiveCD - Image to restore PC operation after infection. Not only will it clean your PC from infected and suspicious files, but it will also help you save important information to removable media or another computer.

Dr.Web® LiveUSB - A utility that allows you to perform an emergency system recovery from a USB flash drive.

Dr. Web Link Checkers - Free plugins to check web pages and files downloaded from the Internet. After installing the plugin for the most common browsers such as Opera, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer,, Chrome, working on the World Wide Web will be more secure.

Dr.Web scanners permite comprobar si hay enlaces o archivos sospechosos en busca de virus.


The company presents the following free versions of antivirus:

Avira free antivirus es un producto dirigido que se ha ganado la confianza de usuarios de todo el mundo. Mientras que el escáner del sistema bloquea todo tipo de virus, una barra de herramientas integrada protege los datos personales del usuario, incluyendo un asesor de seguridad de sitios web.

Free security for Mac - Mac computers are very popular and are becoming an increasingly frequent target of malware. Avira Free Mac Security prevents the latest threats, including viruses, from entering your system in real time. It also keeps your social networks safe by preventing malware from spreading to other users without your knowledge.

Free Android Download - A free data protection application for smartphones. It also provides call blocking, location tracking. Avira Free Android Security includes a complete set of blocking tools to help you locate your lost phone and block unwanted calls and messages. You can keep your personal data safe if your device is lost or stolen, and you can lock your phone and hide your data by giving special instructions to whoever finds it. You can also erase all your data and settings remotely.


You can take advantage of trial versions of antivirus

In addition, there are also free antivirus utilities:

McAfee Security Scan Plus - A utility to diagnose your computer regarding the presence of installed protection, as well as to determine its active status and the availability of updates. Quickly identify the threats to which your PC is exposed and provide the user with recommendations on how to solve the problems. McAfee Security Scan Plus detects malware and potentially unwanted programs in running processes and modules launched by these processes. It also checks your browser logs and cookies. Allows you to customize the frequency of the scans.

Site advisor. -A web browser plug-in that offers recommendations on the safety of sites before viewing and the ability to find similar safe sites. Sites are ranked based on McAfee testing data. The program does not collect data to identify you.

You can use products in English:

McAfee® Tech Check - A utility to check the technical status of your computer, identifying the installed software and hardware. Identify system, network, browser, peripheral, and installed software configuration issues.

McAfee Labs Stinger - Standalone virus finder and remover is a tool to cure an infected system.


The company, in addition to trial versions of antivirus, presents free products:

Online file or internet page scanner

Comodo Ice Dragon Internet browser - is a fast and versatile browser built on Mozilla Firefox. The browser is fully compatible with Firefox add-ons and extensions, combining the freedom and functionality of Firefox with the unique security and privacy of Comodo.

Comodo Dragon Internet browser - A browser that includes an extra layer of security. The browser has the following advantages:

  • High level of network privacy
  • Simple website detection
  • High level of operational stability and lower memory consumption
  • Stealth mode with cookie ban
  • Ease of use

Comodo Antivirus es una protección básica para encontrar y eliminar el malware con un mínimo de recursos del ordenador.

  • Features of this antivirus:
  • Virus detection, blocking and removal
  • Instant alert for suspicious files
  • Avoid installing malware
  • Sandbox ™ technology
  • Protection in the cloud
  • Scan scheduler
  • Protection "in real time"

Comodo Firewall - A firewall that provides superior proactive protection for network connections.

  • It has the following characteristics:
  • Protects your computer from Internet attacks
  • Control executable programs
  • Avoid installing malware
  • SandboxTechnology ™.
  • White lists to identify trusted sites.
  • Wide variety of professional environments
  • Intuitive operation and alerts
  • Quick learning of the firewall.

Comodo Internet Security protección antivirus completa y gratuita para su sistema operativo.

  • It has the following modules:
  • Antivirus to protect against viruses, worms and other threats.
  • Anti-Spyware to find and remove spyware.
  • Anti-Rootkit to detect and remove rootkits on your computer.
  • Bot Protection - Blocks unauthorized PCs from joining botnets.
  • Anti-Malware to destroy malicious processes and programs.
  • SandboxTechnology ™.
  • firewalls
  • Virtual kiosk: Virtual environment
  • COMODO Autorun Analyzer: Autorun Analyzer
  • COMODO Cleaning Essentials: A set of tools for comprehensive system scanning and monitoring.
  • COMODO Killswitch: A system monitoring tool.
  • Scan Scheduler.

Comodo Cleaning Essentials - A set of utilities for cleaning virus-infected systems. The main use of CCE is as a powerful scanner for viruses and other harmful codes. The utility is based on Killswitch technology - a professional tool for system diagnosis and monitoring.

Comodo system utilities - Comodo system utility designed to clean files, clean the system registry and clean traces of incorrectly deleted programs using Comodo's unique algorithm: Safe Delete ™.

Comodo Cloud Scanner - A cloud-based online analysis service that detects viruses, corrupt and malicious programs, registry errors, and hidden processes on your PC. This version does not have a Russian interface.

Comfortable Unite - Allows you to join several computers in a secure network to share files, chat in your own chat room, etc.

Comodo Backup Free 5GB - is a powerful program that will help the user to protect important data from damage or loss. By registering for a free account, you can safely store copies of important files in a secure warehouse.

AVG – Aquí encontrará versiones de antivirus de treinta días y también puede aprovechar las versiones gratuitas del software:

AVG AntiVirus FREE 2013 - Virus and malware detection and removal software: effective and easy-to-use protection for stable operation and better PC performance.

AVG RescueCD - A boot disk that will allow the immediate recovery of the system in case of failure. Available in two versions for CDs and USB sticks.

AVG SecureSearch - Secure Search is a utility to search and browse the web safely. AVG Secure Search alerts you to unsafe web pages, keeping your personal information and your computer safe. The page is scanned even before it is opened. Additionally, AVG DoNotTrack gives you back control over your privacy by identifying and blocking websites that collect information about your online activities.


There are trial versions of antivirus and free programs at

Vba32 AntiRootkit. - A utility designed to diagnose on your computer the presence of anomalies that arise when malware enters your system, allowing you to identify and block both already installed and unknown viruses present on your system.

Distinctive Features of Vba32 AntiRootkit:

  • No installation required;
  • It can be used in conjunction with any antivirus package installed on your computer;
  • uses a unique algorithm to detect clean files;
  • Maintains statistics on the status of the system;
  • System cleanup with scripting language capability;

Vba32Check. - An antivirus scanner designed as a set of utilities to help the user deal with virus infections.

Vba32 rescue image. - This product offers the possibility not only to block and eliminate viruses on your computer, but also to make a backup of the necessary files on a USB drive.

Advantages of Vba32 Rescue:

  • Low image start time;
  • flexible scan settings;
  • free media mode;
  • Automatic network configuration;
  • Support for antivirus scanner and database updates;
  • save the image to a USB memory device;

NANO – aquí puede descargar gratuitamente la versión completa de NANO Antivirus, que protegerá de forma fiable su PC de varios tipos de malware.

The advantages of this package are:

  • Improved mail traffic scanning.
  • A function has been added to the settings to prevent battery drain on scheduled scan tasks when running on notebook computers.


Following the link: you can download trial versions of antivirus packages. In addition, the company presents free utilities:

spamterrier. - A spam protection utility that can be easily integrated into the interface of an email program. Agnitum Spam Terrier is a powerful self-learning antispam tool that integrates with the most popular email programs and automatically filters out spam.

Key program technologies:

Self-learning antispam module based on a Bayesian classifier;

  • A complement to the interface of email programs;
  • Black and white content lists;


Trial versions of the antivirus are available at

Besides these you can use:

Online scanner - To check the presence of viruses on your PC online.

Panda USB vaccine - A free antivirus solution from Panda.


The company presents trial versions, which can be downloaded free of charge from the official website, as well as free versions of antivirus utilities:

Zillya Antivirus. - An antivirus program with a user-friendly interface to protect your home PC

Zillya LiveCD. - A solution to restore system functionality after being damaged by viruses. Also, there is a utility for USB flash drives - Live USB .

Zillya Internet Control -Utility that establishes Internet access restrictions for other computer users. This product is recommended for parents. It allows you to protect your children from negative influences from the Internet.

Zillya scanner - A program to diagnose your computer for viruses that does not require installation on your computer.

trend Micro – Este enlace le dará una visión general de los paquetes antivirus de prueba de la compañía. También hay programas gratuitos disponibles en el sitio:

Call home -Malware detection web tool -A TrendMicro ™ service to find and remove viruses, other applications. This service leverages the functionality of the TrendMicro Smart Protection Network ™ platform to detect threats. It will quickly identify threats regardless of the presence and status of an alternative antivirus solution installed on your computer.

Browser Guard 3.0 - A solution that protects against zero-level attacks, as well as malicious Java Script code with improved analysis and emulation techniques.

RUBotted 2.0 - is a program that constantly monitors your computer for possible threats and suspicious activities related to bots, that is, malicious files that allow third parties to access your system without the user noticing. Once a possible infection is detected, RUBotted detects it and removes it using the House Call service.

Hijack this - TrendMicro's Hijack This utility, available for download from Source Forge, provides a detailed report of the registry and file system status, allowing you to remove unused items from your computer.

Currently, there are many products on the antivirus software market aimed at a wide range of tasks. The average price for an individual package ranges from 2000 rubles. However, since many of these programs have a license period limited to one year of use, acquiring them to protect the data and systems of a home PC, where users store mainly insignificant data, is unreasonable. As an alternative, there are also many free antivirus programs and utilities on the market. And, although they are more limited in their functions compared to the paid versions, a combination of several of them will allow you to organize maximum protection for your computer.