Get rid of error 907 in the Play Store

Get rid of error 907 in the Play Store


When downloading or updating an application from the Play Store, "Error 907" may appear. It does not carry serious consequences and can be eliminated in several simple ways.

Get rid of error code 907 on the Play Store

If the standard solutions in the form of restarting the device or turning on / off the Internet connection do not work, the instructions below will help you.

Method 1: Reconnect the SD card

One of the reasons may be the failure of the flash drive or a temporary failure in its operation. If you are updating a specific application that was previously transferred to the card and an error appears, first return it to the device's internal storage. In order not to resort to device analysis, you can disconnect the SD card without removing it from the slot.


    1. To do this, open the "Settings" and go to section "Memory" .
    2. To open the flash card management, click on the line with its name.
    3. Now to disconnect the drive, tap "Expel" , after which the device will no longer display the remaining space and its volume on the screen.


  1. Next, go to the Play Market application and try again to perform the action in which the error appeared. If the procedure was successful, go back to "Memory" and touch the SD card name again. An informational notification will immediately appear in which you must select "Connect" .

After that, the flash card will be active again.

Method 2: reset Play Store data

Google Play is the main factor whose data cleaning, in most cases, eliminates the error. The information of the pages that are opened that is saved when using the service is deposited as garbage in the memory of the device, which generates failures when synchronizing the account with the Play Market online store. To delete data, you need to follow three steps.

    1. First of all, go to "Settings" and open the item "Applications" .


  1. Look for the tab "Play store" and go to it to access the application options.
  2. Now you need to clean up the accumulated debris. Do this by clicking on the corresponding line.
  3. Then select the button "Restore" , after clicking on which a window will appear where you must select "Remove" .
  4. And the last one - click "Menu" , tap on the only line "Remove updates" .
  5. This is followed by two questions about how to confirm the action and restore the original version. Agree in both cases.
  6. For owners of devices running Android 6 series and above, data deletion will be on the line «Memory» .

A few minutes later, with a stable internet connection, Play Market will restore the current version on its own, after which you can continue using its services.

Method 3: reset Google Play services data

This system app interacts directly with the Play Market and also accumulates some garbage that needs to be removed.

  1. As in the previous method, go to the list of installed applications and open the Google Play Services options.
  2. Depending on your Android version, go to the column "Memory" or continue taking actions on the main page. First, touch the button "Clear cache" .
  3. In the second step, click «Manage place» .
  4. Then select "Delete all data" , and then accept this by pressing the button «OK» .
  5. The next thing you need to do is clear the updates from memory. To do this, first open the "Settings" and go to section "Security" .
  6. Find the item "Device administrators" and open it.
  7. Then go to «Search device» .
  8. The last action will be to click the button "Deactivate" .
  9. After that, open the item "Menu" and delete the update by selecting the corresponding line, confirming your choice by clicking on "To accept" .
  10. Then another window will appear, in which there will be information on how to restore the original version. Accept by clicking the corresponding button.
  11. To restore everything to its current state, open the notification panel. Here you will see various messages about the need to update the services. This is necessary for certain system tools applications to work. Touch one of them.
  12. A page will open in the Play Store, where you just have to click on "To update" .

After this action, the proper functioning of your device will be restored. "Error 907" will no longer appear. Be sure to enable the device discovery feature in the security settings.

Method 4: reset and log back into Google account

Also, breaking the account synchronization with Google services will help to cope with the error.

    1. To go to account management on your device, open Configuration and go to Accounts .
    2. The list will contain the string "Google" . Select it.
    3. Then at the bottom of the screen or in the menu, find the button «Delete account» . After clicking, a window appears with a warning about data deletion; accept the appropriate option.
    4. At this point, the account deletion is complete. Now let's move on to recovery. To log back into your profile, open "Accounts" and this time click «Add account» , then select "Google" .
    5. The Google page will appear on the device screen with a line to enter the email address or your mobile phone number specified in the account. Provide this information and click Next . If you want to create a new profile, please open the corresponding link below.

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  1. The next page will ask for a password. Enter it in the corresponding field, touch "Following" to continue .
  2. Finally click "To accept" to accept all "Terms of use" and «Privacy Policy» of the business.

Therefore, the account will be added to the list of those available on your device and the "Error 907" should disappear from the Play Store.

If the problem is not resolved, you will need to remove all information from the device to factory settings. To do this, check out the article linked below in advance.

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In such, somewhere difficult, but somewhere not somehow, you can get rid of a nasty error when using the app store.