Would you like to know all the details of Gran Turismo 7? Don't worry, because with the help of this article you will be able to discover all the most important details of such a video game so requested by fans of the Gran Turismo saga.

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All the necessary information

Grand Touring 7 PS4

Gran Turismo or commonly abbreviated as GT is a series of racing video games generated for practically all Sony Play Station consoles on the market. Each of the video games at that time proved to have an incredible amount of detail when it came to physical simulation of driving and much of the cars used had real life vehicle licenses.

It has visual elements that all cars look really real; The first version of Gran Turismo is said to have been one of the best-selling games designed for the original PlayStation at the time, and each and every version that follows has been equally effective.

On the other hand, the saga collects eighty million units successfully sold around the world until 2018 in the month of May; It is considered the flagship saga belonging to Sony, this for being the best-selling being followed by God Of War, Uncharted, Twisted Metal and Killzone.

Gran Turismo Theme 7

The Gran Turismo saga was created by Polyphony Digital, being the producer of the entire saga Kazunori Yamauchi. Gran Turismo bears much of the responsibility for the introduction of certain automobiles to the United States which were generally only available in Japan. Some examples could be: Subaru Impreza WRX, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Honda NSX and Nissan Skyline.

Likewise, the video game also contributed and increased the progress of some companies such as Aston Martin, Ruf, Venturi and Alfa Romeo.

Details: Success of the Saga

The success of the series is largely due to much of the obvious detail in the simulation when driving vehicles and racing at high speeds. On the other hand, each of the specimens presented in the video game sounds and drives equally like a real life car, fulfilling its true characteristics.

Also, the modification suffered by the vehicles is completely realistic; An example could be that the adjustments to carry out the suspension manage to affect the way of driving as if it were in real life. In addition, it can be said that another relevant feature of this video game is its great graphics.

All about Gran Turismo 7

At the moment when Grand Touring 7 PC was announced in the market, thousands of gamers from around the world were given the task of disclosing different details thanks to the belief that existed for the different ways for Multiplayer mode. On the other hand, the conventional story mode was completely forgotten, being the reason for the nostalgia generated in the community.

However, that did not prevent the title from being a complete success not only at the sales level because within the electronic sports sector, Gran Turismo 7 managed to accumulate a wide group of players belonging to the best virtual racers, being able to obtain quite a few views on their broadcasts.

Once you Gran Turismo 7 is closer and closer to standing out, Kazunori Yamauchi was the one who went to the fore to then announce a message long awaited by each of the faithful followers of the video game: the delivery that was approaching would have that striking essence belonging to the four early versions.

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gran turismo 7

Other details

On top of that, over the years, even more in the wake of a campaign onboarding than actually hoping to fill in the hole that had been made by focusing solely on online options. All users of Gran Turismo 7 the word has spread to exceed ten million users.

Polyphony Digital knows perfectly that bringing back the original essence of the video game would result in the loss of a large part of the players who were arriving thanks to the multiplayer mode. Thanks to this is that the campaign mode that was usually found, would be included in the different modalities in lines of Grand Touring 7.


The main objective of this video game is to satisfy one hundred percent to the entire community that is integrated into it; all those who wish that Gran Turismo 7 It looks like the first versions of the saga that hit the market may be satisfied because the developers would be working on a campaign mode which claims to be unforgettable thanks to the large number of vehicles and circuits it contains.

On the other hand, for those faithful lovers of multiplayer mode, it is announced that they will be able to compete face to face with other players around the planet, regardless of whether they play with a controller or with a wheel.

Gran Turismo 7 Launch

Next we will let you know the information that is known until the moment of launch about Gran Turismo 7.

In case you want to know the Gran Turismo 7 Launch It is the perfect time to fill yourself with knowledge; since many waited desperately for Yamauchi's interview, not only because of the information he was going to share but also because many speculated that he himself would be the one who would reveal the release date of Gran Turismo 7.

Sadly, Yamauchi did not share any information about the launch of the video game, although he announced that before the year 2021 ends they would already be showing signs of the launch.

On the other hand, the premiere will be exclusively for PlayStation 5. Based on the premieres of the latest installments of this saga, Gran Turismo 6 and Gran Turismo Sport were released in the fourth quarter of the year; That is why many say that in the same way, you will have to wait a couple of months to then enjoy such a wonderful video game.