Hiding conversations and groups in Viber messenger

Hiding conversations and groups in Viber messenger

For Viber users who want to exclude the likelihood of viewing their messenger information by people who have access to the devices on which the account is registered, the creators of mobile applications-clients of the service have provided a special feature - "hidden chat". Let's see what this functionality consists of and how it can be used on an Android device or an iPhone.

Hidden chats in Viber

Before going to the instructions that involve hiding chats and groups in Viber, let's stop at the results that a user will obtain who has followed the recommendations in this article:

  • The title of the hidden conversation will disappear from the list of those displayed in all client applications of the service, where the Viber account is connected.
  • The hidden conversation will only be accessible after entering a secret combination of numbers assigned by the user.
  • A copy of the data transmitted through the chat at the time it is hidden is removed from other Viber client applications, if any are used by the service member.
  • The information generated within the hidden correspondence between messengers running on different devices is not synchronized.

Hidden chats in Viber's Windows client

The limited functionality, known to many users compared to the mobile messaging clients of the desktop version of the application, affects hidden chats as well. There is no way to make a dialog or group of dialogs invisible or to access previously hidden messages using Viber for Windows.

How to hide a chat in Viber for Android

The ability to hide a conversation or group chat from prying eyes is available to Viber for Android users at any time, and there is more than one way to invoke the corresponding feature.

Method 1: Chat section

  1. Start the messenger in an Android environment or go to "Cats".if the app is already open. Find the title of the conversation that you want to hide.
  2. A long press on the name of the person opens the menu, where you press "Hide the chat.".
  3. The next step is to create a secret combination of digits that will serve as a password to access all (!) Conversations hidden from prying eyes. You should treat this step carefully and make sure you remember the assigned PIN code. Later you can change or reset the password, but the first will require entering the original value, and the second will delete all hidden chats. Press "SET PIN CODE".Enter the combination on the virtual keyboard, then re-enter the PIN code to confirm. Later (when adding other dialogs to the hidden dialog list), enter the already assigned password once.

  4. This completes the process of placing the dialogue or group conversation on the hidden list - the conversation header is no longer displayed in the messenger's available list, and its copy is removed from all synced clients.

Method 2: Dialog or group options

  1. Open the correspondence you want to hide, and then open the menu by touching the three dots at the top of the screen. In the list that appears, tap "Information"..
  2. Then scroll up the list of available conversation options, find the item Hide the chat room. and tap on it.
  3. Enter the PIN, if you have created it before, or assign a secret combination, as described in point 3 of the previous instruction of this article.

How to hide chat in Viber for iOS

Viber for iPhone users can quickly hide their messaging correspondence from those who have access to their mobile phone by following one of the following algorithms.

Method 1: The "Chats" section

  1. Open the messenger on your iPhone or go to "Cats".If the Viber client is already running. Find the header of the hidden message in the list of available messages.
  2. Scroll the name of the contact or group to the left, thus accessing the three option buttons. Then press Hide..
  3. Assign a combination of numbers that will serve as a password to access all hidden conversations. Press "Set PIN code"., enter four digits twice from the virtual keyboard. Once the PIN code is assigned, the chat hiding is done with it and you will have to enter it once.
  4. After completing the point of the above instruction, hiding a conversation or group chat in Viber for iPhone is considered complete. The header of the hidden correspondence has already disappeared from the list of those displayed by the messenger, and the copy of the information sent and received through the chat is deleted from all synchronized client applications.

Method 2: Dialog or group options

  1. Open the hidden conversation by tapping its header in the tab "Cats". delivery courier. Tapping the contact name or group name at the top of the screen takes you to the menu where you select "Information and configuration"..
  2. Scrolling through the list of functions "Details".we found an item Hide the chat room. - click on that name.
  3. Follow the third to last point of the previous instruction of this article, that is, create or enter the previously assigned password to access the list of hidden chats.

As we can see, hiding the fact of exchanging information with this or that participant or group of Viber users is quite easy. The only thing not to forget is that the possibility of hiding chats is only available in messaging clients for mobile operating systems.

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