Throughout this article we will talk about Hitman 3, which has become the best launch of the franchise in digital format, and if you want to discover what records it has broken and the news about this game, you are in the right place. Let's get started!


Sales record in its digital format, converts it to Hitman 3 in the franchise's best-selling digital game.

Hitman 3, the best digital release of the franchise

Hitman is a trilogy that has had its days of pain and glory, but it seems that at last it is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with its third and final installment and with the figures it has managed to achieve in sales in digital format, an authentic madness, all this information is confirmed by the same developer IO Interactive who cataloged it as: "the best digital launch of the franchise."

Hitman 3 can Download practically on all platforms, even on the Nintendo Switch and its version in the cloud. The physical version, especially the collector, has been the most purchased by fans of this franchise, but in numbers it does not exceed its digital version, as indicated by IO Interactive on its official site.

So far there is only good news for this franchise and the studio that created it but, if possible, it can continue to boom thanks to the recent announcement of the company regarding Microsoft's next generation consoles, the Xbox Series X.

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Ray Tracing technology on the way

That's right, the intention of the IO Interactive company is to bring ray tracing to Hitman 3, specifically for its version of Xbox Series X.

The person in charge of confirming this news is neither more nor less than Maurizio de Pascale, director of technology, who stated that the graphics engine called Glacier is being prepared to adapt to the technology of Ray Tracing. De Pascale also stated that only when it is known exactly that everything works perfectly, it will be released for Xbox Series X but that it does not yet have a confirmed release date.

The Xbox Series X / S platforms and, of course, also on PC, receive continuous praise from IO Interactive since they are the only ones that do not have limitations to use such technology. For the PC platform, it had already been announced a long time ago that ray tracing would end up coming to that platform. Unfortunately, the same does not happen with the Playstation 5, since it seems that this technology will not end up being enjoyable on the Sony console.


Cheats for Hitman 3 on PC

For lovers of video game tricks we also have for you a list of some tricks available to apply in the game, but not so fast since you must do the following procedure or no trick will work.

Hitman 3 leave a folder of files once downloaded and installed, in this folder you should look for the file called "hitmancontracts.ini" and open it with a text editor and write the following: "Quote: EnableCheats 1".


Once this is done, you can enter the following codes in the game console by pressing the key on your keyboard ° while you are playing, we present them below:

  • IOIRULEZ: Activate God Mode.
  • IOISLO: Activate Slow Mode.
  • IOIER: Activate a bomb.
  • IOIHITLEIF: Restore life.
  • IOIHITALI: Activate Boxing Mode.
  • IOILEPOW: Activate a deadly charge.
  • IOIGRV: Turn off gravity.
  • IOINGUN: Activate Nail Gun Mode.
  • IOIPOWER: Activates Mega Force Mode.
  • END LEVEL: Finish the level you are at.
  • GIVE: The object you indicate appears.
  • GIVE SOME: Fill the ammunition and almost all weapons, secret or hidden are not included.
  • GIVEALL: Gives you all the weapons and items.
  • GOD 1: Activate God Mode.
  • IFAMMO: Infinite ammo.
  • INVISIBLE: Activates Invisible Mode.

There is also the alternative cheat method and you just have to edit the file "hitmancontracts.ini" and add the following lines at the end of the file: "Quote: EnableCheats 1 EnableConsole 1"

All weapons raise your power

In the starbreeze studiosknights of the templesbz1egistrypg directory, make a backup copy of the rpgskills_attacks.xrg file, then proceed to open it with a text editor, and look for the lines: "ATTACK_MEDIUM" and "ATTACK_HEAVY". In these lines, change the data to: "DAMAGE 9.0" and "INIT 0.0".

Secret weapons

To get all the secret weapons you must complete the following missions with a "Perfect Silent Assassin" note, that is, with the full health bar:

  • Mission 01: CZ 2000 (2 guns).
  • Mission 02: Micro Uzi (2 machine guns).
  • Mission 03: Silenced SilverBaller (2 guns).
  • Mission 04: Magnum 500 (2 pistols).
  • Mission 05: Saw Double Barrel Shotgun.
  • Mission 06: M4 Carbine Suppressed Assault Rifle.
  • Mission 07: SG220 (2 guns).
  • Mission 08: MP5.
  • Mission 09: Silenced AK47 Assault Rifle.
  • Mission 10: GK 17 (2 pistols).
  • Mission 11: Micro Uzi with silencer (2 submachine guns).
  • Mission 12: PGM Suppressed Sniper Rifle.
Golden Machine Gun and Desert Eagle

In Mission 9, look for a hidden elevator not visible on the map, or use the stairs to go down to the basement of the restaurant. Cross the corridors to another elevator, in it you can go up to the mansion and you will have to find an office. Get the Orthmeyer Pass, which is on the table, and with it in your inventory, finish the mission.

After this, once the whole game is finished, you can replay mission 1, where you can find these weapons. The machine gun is behind the first door with a magnetic pass reader, which you can open with the Orthmeyer Pass. The gold Desert Eagles are behind the second door with a magnetic pass reader. Make sure you have them before finishing the mission.

Select the mission

Open the file "HitmanContracts.ini" with a text editor and look for the line: "DefaultScene = AllLevelsLogos.gms". Once this is done, just change it to this: "DefaultScene = AllLevelsLevelMenu.gms". Save the file, and restart the game, when opening again a menu will appear directly with the list of missions that you can play.

We will also leave you a video of the graphic comparison of Hitman 3 for PS5 and Xbox Series X in 4k below. See you soon!