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What is Horizon Zero Dawn about?

A Nora warrior named Aloy, in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic-looking world controlled by machines.

This video game was designed by Guerrilla Games, it is an adventure and action game released by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4 and several years later for Windows.

Its concept received great criticism from specialists, due to its setting, characters, design, story and the excellent work of actress Ahly Burch, offering users a rare and highly successful video game.

Why is your story so striking?

We must start with its setting unlike other video games, it is inspired by a world after the apocalypse full of nature, mountains, rural areas and very green forests, apart from having climatic changes, night and day.

Aloy is the main character in this story, an excellent hunter and archer who belongs to the Nora tribe and is controlled by the players.

He has great skills in combat, with a bow, stun explosives and a rope throwing weapon, which can immobilize any machine, eventually knocking them down.

But these machines are not just to shoot them down, Aloy uses them as resources to make ammunition, slings, bows, traps and much more.

What role does the player play in the story? Each user must complete secondary missions such as rescuing people, searching for objects, solving and investigating problems, and eliminating enemies.

By passing the different tests and levels of Horizon Zero Dawn, players gain more experience by being able to obtain more skills necessary to go unnoticed, be able to ambush enemies, move water, control and sabotage machines, among others.

These abilities can be classified as follows: Marauders increase the user's stealth levels, Valiente possesses combat techniques and finally the gatherer with gathering and healing characteristics.

On the other hand, Aloy contains a device called Focus, ideal for scanning and observing the details of each resource and enemy, being able to obtain information, evidence or follow clues as needed, as well as talk with other characters.

What are the tribes and characters found in horizon zero dawn?

Within Horizon Zero Dawn, people are grouped into tribes, which have different traditions, customs, beliefs, and legends, as we will see below.

Nora tribe

Its capital is known as "Heart of Made", it is made up of gatherers and hunters. It is led by three great women: Jezza, Teersay Lansra.

They live in wooded and mountainous areas, with the belief that every animal, person and part of nature was created by a supernatural being.

Shadow Carja

It is led by King Jiran, and emerged as a society from the ancient Carja tribe. You have great admiration for past technology and power.

Utaru tribe

They are focused on agriculture, they are extremely peaceful and there is very little information about them. However, a large part of the population was the victim of the Red Assaults made by King Carja.

Carja tribe

It is one of the most advanced societies in the video game, as it has great economic stability, a large population and a military force, which is led by the fourteenth king Avad.

Banuk tribe

They are survivors, nomads who live in the mountains. It is a tribe made up of shamans and hunters who do not allow confrontation with other groups.

Oseram tribe

They are also made up of people who were victims of the Red Assault perpetrated by King Jiran, they are blacksmiths and craftsmen.

Main character: Aloy

She has great skills as a hunter, archer and is a member of the Nora tribe, apart from being one of the most courageous, curious and fierce characters that she has in video games.

During the game, she has a need to know where she comes from, as she was created with Elisabet Sobeck's DNA. She is sarcastic at times, but unlike the other members of her tribe, she sees technology as a great asset and useful tool. Believe very little in the laws, beliefs and traditions of your own tribe.

But we will not only find this brave woman, but we can also find: Matriarch Teersa, Cacique Sona, Vala, Nakoa, Avad, Talanah, Janeva, Ahsis, Erend, Petra, Helis, Aluki, GAIA, Brin, HADES, among others members of the tribes.


Aloy, main character of the video game.

Requirements to download Horizon Zero Dawn PC

  • Have a Windows 10 64-bit operating system.
  • An Intel Core processor [email protected], Intel Core [email protected], AMDFX [email protected] or Ryzen 5 [email protected]
  • Have a RAM memory of 8 to 10GB.
  • Your graphics card should be Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 (3GB), Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 (6GB), AMD Radeon R9 290 (4GB), or AMD Radeon RX 580 (8GB).
  • Have 100 GB free hard disk space.

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What is extraction in Horizon Zero Dawn for?

As we have been commenting in the course of the article, it is necessary to have some weapons to be able to be alive and achieve a level pass, within the weapons and utensils that can be obtained in this video game, are the Bow, Rope Thrower, Honda, Sylens Spear, Destroyer and the Stunner.

When it comes time to select the weapon you need, you must take into account the states or statistics that can activate that weapon, for example:

  • Extraction: It is expressed by a cracked shield, and you can eliminate and get armor and components.
  • Driving: its icon is a hand, ideal for quick reloading and aiming.
  • Freezing: is represented by a star, it can multiply the subsequent damage and deal ice damage.
  • Hurt: identified with a down arrow, it can cause great damage to the target we attack.
  • Igneous: A flame is the icon for this option, it can deal fire damage over time.
  • Electric: its icon is lightning, it can stun the enemy and damage by electricity.
  • Corruption: identified with a spiral, the target can attack everyone.