How not to receive calls and notifications at night

How not to receive calls and notifications at night

Many people recommend turning off the mobile phone completely at night, but restarting it daily is not a healthy practice for the device's battery. That doesn't mean, however, that you shouldn't find some equally valid solutions. Fortunately, software producers have implemented the so-called Do not disturb modewhich will disable all notifications and alerts (except the alarm clock) during the set hours. In this guide we will show you how to use it in the best way.

Set the night mode on your mobile phone

As you surely know, night mode management varies depending on the operating system used, Android or iOS, and even depending on the interface used by the different manufacturers. For this reason we are going to divide the procedure into two parts..

Activate night mode on Android mobile phones

As for Android mobile phones, we will illustrate the procedure in the interface MIUI (Xiaomi), which will continue to help with most of the software used by other companies. In general, the options that we are going to see can be activated or deactivated directly from the application «Settings»under section "Sounds" o "Notifications". Now we are going to see how to activate the programmed night mode in Xiaomi.

  • Open the application «Settings»
  • Continue with "Sound and vibration"
  • Choose "Be quiet" o "Do not bother" (ND)
  • Click on "Schedule the start time". and then «Add rules»
  • Choose a name to assign to the mode
  • Click on "Weekday" to select the days on which the mode will be activated
  • Click on "From" e "AT" to set the on / off time of the mode
  • Make sure the "Silent mode" fits "ND"

At this time, all notifications and alerts will stop at previously established times.

How to enable calls from favorite numbers on Android

This night mode can be bypassed in emergencies, which is when certain people, marked as «Favorites» make a call. The messages will continue in silent mode.

  • Open the application "Google Contacts"
  • Click on «Favorites» down left
  • Continue with "Add" up to the right
  • Select all contacts to include in the list

You can also open the information screen of an individual contact and click the button "Add to Favorites".

Helpful alternatives

If the default Android options are not to your liking, we recommend using two free apps you can further customize the do not disturb mode of your device. Both can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store.

  • Do not disturb automaticallyThis app is completely focused on the automatic activation of the do not disturb mode, which can be customized not only based on the time but also taking into account the GPS position and the mobile phone connections. Available here! to download
  • Do Not Disturb - Call Blocking - Free: A service that basically takes the options previously seen in MIUI, thus making them available in the same way for other Android mobile phones as well. Available here! to download

Activate Do Not Disturb mode on iPhone

We now turn to the procedure dedicated to the iPhone. In this case we indicate the presence of the function "Repeated calls"which will also arrive in "Do not bother" if the caller decides to make a second call in a few moments. Of course, this option can also be disabled in the iOS settings.

  • Open the application «Settings»
  • Continue with "Do not bother"
  • Activate voice "Programmed"
  • Set the time to activate and deactivate the mode.
  • Deactivate "Repeated calls" to avoid receiving notifications when someone calls twice in a row

How to enable calls from favorite numbers on iPhone

Within the settings related to "Do not bother" There is an option "Allow calls from"with the entrance «Favorites» active by default. So, let's see how to add someone to your favorites to allow them to bypass the night mode.

  • Open the application "Phone"
  • Enter section «Contacts»
  • Select any user
  • Scroll down and click "Add to Favorites"

You can also access the favorites screen by clicking the lower left tab and adding them from there.

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