How to accommodate a house with small spaces? The vision of our dream house is usually large, with many rooms, 2 or even 3 floors, and a number of sectors to do individual activities. Unfortunately not all of us can have a house with the dream space, so we must be in a small house, where certain decorations and plans that are in mind are limited.

But, far from embittering ourselves with the thought, we must specify all the spaces, to get the most out of it, although limited spaces are not the best, you can, using ingenuity, take advantage of every space to obtain the best result.

We start thinking about the room

the room is the area of ​​the home that is seen first when you enter a house, so taking care of it, cleaning it and maintaining it on a daily basis is important. If we have a reduced space for the room, we must think good on decorations and the objects that we want to incorporate, for example, if the room is too small, we can not add long furniture.

You think in 2 and if possible, 3 small pieces of furniture, preferably in an intense color, and add them on the sides of the room, so that in the middle go a small table, and add a decoration.

As for the wall, can we add a screen, to have entertainment, in case receive a visit.

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Corridors that connect the whole house

Aisles must be clear, so that the movement of people is pleasant, avoid incorporating chairs, furniture, decoration or any other object that could be a risk for each person who travels. transit.

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kitchen space

The kitchen must be the most important area, since preparing a meal in a small space can be uncomfortable, so the fridge should be in a central area, and the stove should be used for cooking are usually incorporated at the kitchen entrance.

Now, since the wide space will look short, you have to incorporate certain tall items, that are above the kitchen, for example, the dishes, cutlery, glasses, among others.

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Take advantage of room space

In the rooms, almost 40% of the space, is intended for the bed (depending on the size) so you have to keep it in mind the corner of the roomeither horizontally or vertically. Then, the rest of the space goes for clothes and possible items, such as a small library, laundry basket, a television or computer, among others.

Las habitaciones they must have a certain space, since when using them, we can be overwhelmed with certain elements, so it should not be filled with many decorations, maybe 2 or 3 that we can find stuck on the wall.

Last space, the bathrooms

Bathrooms in standard houses they are in the middle of the home, between the living room and the kitchen, is the easiest to distribute, just use it for what is necessary and not add any new elements. The bathrooms must be clean of any addition, we only care about their care and maintenance.