How to turn on black and white screen on Android

How to turn on black and white screen on Android

Some recently published research suggests that using a black and white (monochrome) image mode allows for less distraction and less dependence on mobile devices. I don't know to what extent this is true, but if you want to test the monochrome image on your phone, it's very easy to do so.

This tutorial details how to enable black and white screen on your Android phone or tablet - on pure Android (where there is no such option in the default settings) and on phones where such a feature is built in (using the Samsung Galaxy as an example) . By analogy, you will most likely find the required option on other phones in modern versions of Android as well.

How to enable black and white display on your pure Android phone

Currently, in current versions of Android (including Android 10), the black and white option is not available in the default settings. Perhaps in the future it will appear and then you can enable it in the same way as described in the next section of the manual, but for now the necessary steps are the following:

  1. Activate developer mode on Android. Generally, to do this, you just have to go to Settings - About phone and click on "build number" a few times until they tell you that you have become a developer. Other methods for different phones are described in the How to activate developer mode on Android section.
  2. Go to Settings - For developers or Settings - System - Advanced - For developers.
  3. In the list, find the item "Simulate anomaly" and click on it. The item is near the bottom of the list under "Hardware rendering acceleration" or similar.
  4. Activate 'monochrome mode'.

From now on, the screen and all applications on your Android phone or tablet will turn black and white until you deactivate this option.

In case you cannot find the setting described, try using the method described below for Samsung Galaxy phones - maybe on your device the option has been moved to the default color correction settings, then the color correction mode will not be necessary. developer to activate it and this method will work.

How to activate the monochrome screen on the Samsung Galaxy

On Samsung Galaxy smartphones, turning on the black and white screen can be much easier:

  1. Go to Settings - Special Features.
  2. Open the visibility enhancements section of settings.
  3. Click on "Color Adjustment".
  4. Set the switch to "On" and select "Grayscale".

This completes the necessary adjustments and the image on the screen becomes black and white.

Keep in mind that despite the monochrome image you see on the screen, the videos, photos and even the screenshots you take will actually be saved in color.

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If your Android phone has black and white screen mode enabled in some other way and you know how to do it, both I and the readers will appreciate your sharing this information in the comments.