How to activate Steam Guard

How to activate Steam Guard

Those who buy games on Steam know that accounts are often "stolen", to prevent this from happening, you can activate Steam Guard on your client. With this function activated, even if your username and password are known to third parties, they will not be able to use them: as when trying to log in from another computer, you will have to confirm this action through the email to which the account is registered. Steam.

Activating the feature itself is not difficult, but some users find that the button to control Steam Guard is not on their client, and therefore cannot activate it either - a problem that I will also address.

Steam Guard activation

To activate Steam Guard to protect your account, open the main Steam menu (see image) and select the "Settings" option. In the configuration window, the item "Account" should be highlighted.

Pay attention to the security status of your account: it may indicate that Steam Guard is not activated, or it could be that the opposite is already activated.

In the first case, you need to do the following:

  1. Click the "Manage Steam Guard Settings" button (if there is no button, read on).
  2. Check the "Protect my account with Steam Guard" option.
  3. Click «Next» - it is already clear there.

That's all you need to activate Steam Guard. Now, when you try to log in from other computers, a confirmation request will be sent to your email and without access to it, intruders will not be able to use your account.

If there is no button to activate Steam Guard

Some users, acting on the instructions, come across the fact that there is no button to configure Steam Guard in the settings. It is not clear what it is connected to (probably something on the server side), but there is a solution (and it works):

  • Exit Steam (don't just close with a cross, as the program will continue to work and there will be an icon in the notification area).
  • Reconnect.

The number of these actions is also unclear, but I had enough of three outputs for the button to appear when I wrote this article.

Video - how to activate Steam Guard

Well, and at the same time, giving a short video on how to activate Steam Guard in case something remains unclear.