How to activate Telnet in Windows 10

The Telnet protocol has been deprecated. It is not safe to use it to remotely control a computer because all traffic is unencrypted. Modern versions of Windows recommend using the secure SSH protocol instead of Telnet.

Method 1: "Programs and Components"

This is the easiest and most obvious way to activate a component "Telnet", intended for remote control of a computer. To open the plugin "Programs and components"Do the following

  1. Call by pressing Win + R quick command window, insert command into it optionalfeatures and press the «Enter» key. You can also open the plugin through the app "Options"., heading to «Applications and features»"Additional Components""Other Windows Components".
  2. In the snapshot window that opens, find "Telnet Client".select the box and press the key «OK».
  3. Windows 10 will search for the necessary files and install them.

If Windows prompts you to restart your computer, accept the restart.

Method 2: "Command Line / "Windows PowerShell""

To enable a legacy client "Telnet" you can use the classic "Command line". or the console "PowerShell".

  1. Run this or that console as administrator any way you like. For example, from the context menu of the Start button"..
  2. Insert or enter a command in the console dism /online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:TelnetClient and press the Enter key.

If the component is powered on successfully, the command will return the message "Operation completed successfully.".

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