How to add a device to Play Market

How to add a device to Play Market

If for some reason you need to add your device to Google Play, it is not that difficult to do so. All you need is to know your account username and password and have a mobile phone or tablet with a stable Internet connection.

Add your device to Google Play

Let's look at a couple of ways to add a gadget to the list of devices on Google Play.

Method 1: Device without account

If you have a new Android device in your possession, follow the instructions below.

    1. Go to the Play Market application and tap on "Existing"..
    2. On the next page, enter the email or phone number linked to your account on the first line, your password on the second line, and click the right arrow at the bottom of the screen. In the window that appears, accept "Terms of use". и "Privacy Policy".clicking on «OK».
    3. Then accept or reject the backup of the device in your Google account by checking or unchecking the corresponding box. Press the gray arrow on the right in the lower corner of the screen to go to the Play Market.

    1. Now, to make sure you do the right thing, follow the link below and in the upper right corner click on "Register"..

Go to change Google account

    1. In the window. "Entry". enter the email or phone number of your account and click the button "Next"..
    2. Then specify the password and click "Next"..

  1. This will take you to your account home page, where you should find the line "Phone finder". and click "Proceeds"..
  2. The next page will open a list of devices on which your Google account is active.

This adds a new Android gadget to your main device.

Method 2: Device connected to another account

If the list must be populated with a device that is used with another account, the algorithm will be slightly different.

    1. On your mobile phone, open "Settings". and go to the tab "Accounts"..
    2. Then click on the line "Add Account"..
    3. From the list provided, select the tab "Google".
    4. Then enter the postal address or phone number of your account and click "Next"..

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    1. Then enter your password and tap on "Next"..

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  1. Confirm familiarity with "Privacy Policy". и "Terms of use".by clicking on "To accept"..

At this point, adding a device that has access to another account is complete.

As you can see, connecting other gadgets to the same account is not that difficult and only takes a few minutes.

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