How to add an account in Play Market

How to add an account in Play Market

If you need to add an account in Play Market to the one you already have, it will not cost you much time or effort: you just have to consult the suggested ways.

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Add an account in Play Market

Two ways for users of Google services will be discussed below: from an Android device and from a computer.

Method 1: Add an account on Google Play

Go to google play

    1. Open the link above and, in the upper right corner, tap your account avatar in the shape of a circle with a letter or a photo.

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    1. In the next window that appears, select "Add Account"..
    2. Enter the email address or phone number your account is linked to in the box provided and click "Next"..
    3. Now in the window you have to specify the password and again click on the button "Next"..

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  1. Then the Google home page will reappear, but under the second account. To switch from one account to another, you just have to click on the avatar circle located in the upper right corner and select the one you want by clicking on it.

So now you can use two Google Play accounts at the same time on your computer.

Method 2: Add an account in the application on your Android mobile phone

  1. Open "Settings". and then go to tab "Accounts"..
  2. Then find the item "Add Account". and click on it.
  3. Then select the item "Google".
  4. Now type in the phone number or email of the linked account when you registered it, and then click "Next"..
  5. Then, in the window that appears, enter the password and click "Next"..
  6. To confirm familiarity with "Privacy Policy". и "Terms of use". press the button "To accept"..
  7. The second account will be added to your device.

Now, using two accounts, you can quickly increase your character in the game or use it for work.

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