How to add lock mode to the shutdown menu on Samsung Galaxy and other Android phones

How to add lock mode to the shutdown menu on Samsung Galaxy and other Android phones

Samsung Galaxy mobile phones, as well as some models of other Android mobile phones, allow adding a "Lock Mode" option to the menu that appears when the power button is held down for a long time, which can be useful in some situations .

This tutorial is about what lock mode is in this context and how to add it to the power off menu on Samsung Galaxy phones. Similar steps may work for some other phones, and on some models this item is present by default.

Assign and add a quick lock button

Some ways to lock Android mobile phones are less secure than others. For example, automatic unlocking with nearby trusted Bluetooth devices, unlocking by face, or even using your fingerprint under certain conditions can be easily done without your consent.

Lock mode disables the ability to use all methods of unlocking the phone other than PIN, password, or pattern lock, which are generally considered more secure locking methods. This mode will also instantly disable any notifications on the lock screen.

To add "Lock Mode" to the menu that opens with a long press of the power button on Samsung Galaxy phones, just follow these steps (it may work similarly on other Android mobile phones, but I can't give you an explanation). exact list):

  1. Open “Settings” and select “Lock screen”.
  2. In the lock screen options, tap “Security lock settings”.
  3. Activate the option “Lock the display of options”.

Done. Now, if you press and hold the power button (screen off), you will see a new button: “Lock mode”.

If you press this button, all unlocking methods for your phone except PIN, pattern or password will be disabled and notifications will stop appearing on the lock screen. You only need to unlock your device once using one of the allowed methods to disable lock mode until the next time you decide to re-enable it.

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