How to add music to iPod, iPhone and iPad without iTunes using Bridge tweak

For a long time, Cydia hasn't had a decent alternative to one of my favorite jailbreak tweaks, pwntunes. I've been using it for a long time, by the way, this is the only tweak I bought that hasn't been hacked yet. With it, you can record music on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without going through iTunes. When connected to a PC, the iDevice is defined as a removable disk and all *.mp3 files placed in a specific folder are imported to the device. This method is quite simple and convenient. However, for those downloading music directly from a mobile device (via Safari or Chrome), a number of additional steps are required.

How to Add Songs to iPod, iPhone and iPad without iTunes

It is now available in Cydia a jailbreak Bridge tweak, which allows you to import tracks downloaded directly to your iPhone or iPad to your music library, not only without iTunes, but also without a PC.

After installing the tweak, just download any mp3 track and save it to a specific folder. Next, you need to start Bridge tweak, go to this folder through the built-in file manager and select the desired song. The tweak will allow you to listen to it, add or change metadata (song title, artist, and album), as well as select the track cover, again from the device folders. In Bridge, it is also possible to download songs by copying them into a special field of direct links to the file. This is how you can upload music from your cloud accounts, Dropbox, etc.

With this tweak, users of Apple mobile devices practically lose the obvious disadvantage of iDevices in terms of the ease of downloading music on them.

Bridge setting jailbreak is paid. You can buy it from Cydia (free via the bigboss repository).