How to adjust the sound on the phone Zoom

Method 1: Control the sound in a conference call

The most accessible audio settings in the Zoom mobile app are the features located on the top and bottom panels during a conference. In this case, you can disable or, conversely, enable the microphone and speakers of your choice, which will only work during the current session.

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If you are the originator of the conference, the sound settings will be available in the user list, which can be useful to force one of the callers to lock themselves. Other than the global app settings discussed below, this messenger doesn't offer any specific sound settings.

Method 2: Change application settings

The default sound settings in Zoom that will be used by default when joining a conference can be changed through the internal settings of the mobile client, regardless of platform. In addition, the sound quality can be slightly modified through this section, for example, if you have difficulty hearing your interlocutors, but at the same time the options are very limited compared to the desktop version.

    1. To change the available sound settings, open the mobile app, use the menu at the bottom of the screen to select the tab "Settings" tab. and expand the category "Conferences".. At the top of this page, inside the block "Sound". will present the parameters related to the microphone and the sounds being played.
    2. The first thing to pay attention to is «Automatic sound connection»., which is in the disabled state by default and is intended to protect you from automatically transmitting sounds when you connect to a session. To avoid having to manually confirm that your microphone and speakers are on each time you join the conference, check the box next to "Wi-Fi or sending data over the cellular network" and press the button "Done". or just go back to the previous screen.
    3. The remaining two elements do not have a separate page and are limited to sliders. In this case, the function «mute my mic« will automatically disable the device's microphone when connected to a communication session, even if the previously mentioned option has been activated, while “Use of original audio” will allow you to forcibly turn off noise cancellation, thus improving microphone performance. It's best to see for yourself how each setting works, using your mobile device and the desktop version to join a private conference. In this case, whatever value is set in the configuration beforehand, everything is bound to the mobile client only and can be easily changed in the future right during the communication session.

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