How to appear offline on Facebook Messenger

How to appear offline on Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger is an application that we take a lot out of. We can talk to our friends while we check our social network.

Before we could only see who was online, which was fine, but if a friend connected later we might not realize it. Well, now we will no longer have this problem, since Messenger shows a notification when a certain contact connects to the application.

It is an improvement in the functions of Facebook Messenger, but it can also become something hated by those who are more reserved, as it happens with the "online" status of WhatsApp. With the function activated, it is harder to escape unwanted conversations.

If you want to know how to disable online availability and increase your privacy in Messenger, follow the following tutorial, step by step.

How to appear offline on Facebook Messenger step by stepappear offline on Facebook Messenger

These are the followed what should you carry out if you want to be invisible for your contacts and that it is not known how many minutes you have been online in the Messenger application:

  1. Open Facebook Messenger.
  2. To disable the feature, first tap on your profile menu, represented by a circle with your photo thumbnail in the right corner of the screen. Look at the part of "Availability".
  3. Verify that the "Availability" switch of the tool is in the activated position
  4. Touch the key and the message «Deactivate«. The application will warn you that "you will not be able to see when your friends are online".
  5. The switch will be changed to disabled position. From now on, none of your contacts will receive a notification when you connect.

Now you know how to appear offline on Facebook Messenger every time you connect. If you want to discover more tricks, tutorials and other tips, keep browsing

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