How to avoid copying and deleting files from PC? If you have a computer and you are sharing it with other people in your family or close circle, the wisest thing to do would be to learn how to prevent copying and deletion of some files without our consent.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent some of the files that we have saved on our computer are copied or deleted without our consent. This type of thing happens more than anything when we share the use of the PC with other people. Get comfortable and learn what to do in these cases.

Steps to avoid copying and deleting files from PC

Below we explain each of the steps you must follow To prevent your files saved on the PC from being copied or deleted without your consent:

Step 1: Locate the file you want to protect

The first thing we must do is locate the file that we want to protect and right-click on it to access the properties. Go to the "General" box. In "Attributes" select "Read only"And click" Apply ":

Step 2: Enter the "Security" section

Now go to the tab "Security”Where you must choose the name of your user account in Windows. Click on "Edit" and then proceed to check the boxes that are located under the heading "DENY”. Finally select "Apply" to save the changes made.

Step 3: Protected file

After check all the boxes Under the option "DENY" we could say that our file is protected in a certain way and cannot be copied or deleted by third parties.

Every time someone tries to copy or delete said file, a window will appear on the screen indicating that the element on which they want to act is a protected reason, that is, will not allow you to advance with the procedure.

You can repeat this same procedure with each of the files you want to protect on your computer. If you want to return to the standard configuration, you just have to repeat the same steps, and that's it.

M Anti-Copy of files

The truth is that Windows pre-installed features They are very interesting and help us to prevent our files stored on the PC from being copied or deleted without our consent.

But if what you are looking for is an alternative resource that allows you to protect all your information even more, then we want to recommend the program. M Anti-Copy of files

It is a extraordinary application that guarantees the security of our PC by avoiding the copying of files and folders. It will only be enough to download the program and install it on our computer. Fortunately the software is very simple to use and you will have no problem is to protect all your files.

With this program you will have the possibility to protect specific files, folders, drives and everything you want to keep safe on your computer. That way no stranger will be able to access your content, thus preventing it from being copied or deleted.