How to block a contact in Viber for Android, iOS and Windows

How to block a contact in Viber for Android, iOS and Windows

The opportunities for almost unlimited expansion of the communication circle offered by modern messengers can bring to the moments of any user of the online network not only benefits, but also some problems in the form of unwanted and sometimes intrusive messages from other participants in various Internet services. Fortunately, the "blacklist" option is equipped with any modern tool designed to exchange information over the network. In this article, we are going to consider how to put a person or a bot on the blocked list and thus stop receiving any messages from him on the Viber messenger.

The Viber client application is a cross-platform solution, that is, it can work in the environment of several mobile and desktop operating systems, so the material that is offered to your attention is divided into three main sections that contain the description of the manipulations that lead to blocking the interlocutors in the messenger for Android, iOS and Windows.

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Block contacts in Viber

Before taking any action in the messenger, it is necessary to understand the effect they will cause. The consequences of following the following instructions, regardless of the software platform used, are as follows:

  • Once another service member is blacklisted, you will lose the ability to send any messages and calls through Viber to the user who has blocked you. More specifically, the messages will be sent, but will remain in the blocked user's messenger with the status "Sent, not delivered."and audio and video calls will appear to you as undelivered.
  • A service participant who has used the option to block a messaging partner will not be able to send information to a blacklisted user or initiate voice / video calls to the blocked recipient.
  • The blocked contact will still have the ability to view the profile, avatar, and status of the messaging member who "blacklisted" them. Additionally, an unwanted caller will be able to send group conversation invitations to the blocked person.
  • Blocking a Viber member ID does not remove the contact's card from the messenger's address book. The call and correspondence history will not be erased either. If it is necessary to erase the data accumulated during communication, it is necessary to do the cleaning manually.
  • The contact blocking procedure in Viber is reversible and can be applied any number of times. It is possible to remove a contact from the "blacklist" and resume communication with him at any time, and instructions for unblocking him are in the material on our site.Read more: How to unblock a contact in Viber for Android, iOS and Windows


Blocking another service member's access to the ability to effectively message and make calls through the messenger in question using Viber for Android is a breeze. You just have to tap the screen of your mobile phone or tablet with a few taps.

Method 1: Messenger Contacts

Regardless of how the contact appeared in the Vibera available list, and how long and intense the exchange with the other member was, you can block them at any time.

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    1. Open the messenger and go to the contact list by tapping the tab with the same name at the top of the Viber for Android screen. Find the name (or avatar) of the unwanted contact and tap on it.
    2. The previous step will display a screen with detailed information about the Viber member. Here you have to open the options menu, - touch the image of the three dots at the top of the screen on the right. Then press "Lock".. This completes the process of blacklisting the contact, a notification will briefly appear at the bottom of the screen.

Method 2: Chat screen

For the exchange of information between two people registered in the service in question to be feasible, it is not necessary at all that they are in the contact list of the other. From any messaging account it is possible to send messages and initiate calls through Viber without revealing the identity of the recipient (the recipient is required to receive only a mobile ID, while the username can be omitted when registering in the system and configuring the application-client). These people (including spammers and accounts from which automated messages are sent) can also be blocked.

  1. Open a chat with the caller whose identifier you want to "blacklist".
  2. If the conversation has not yet taken place and the messages have not been viewed, you will be notified that the sender is not in your contact list. Here are two options:
    • Immediately send the identifier to the «black list» - press "Blocking".;
    • Go to the message view to make sure there is no need / desire to exchange information - press «Show message».and close the list of options at the top of the correspondence area with a tap on the cross. To continue blocking the sender, go to the next step in these instructions.
  3. Tap the avatar of the other participant next to each message you receive from him. On the sender information screen, open the single item menu by tapping the three dots at the top of the screen.
  4. Press "Lock".. The ID will be instantly blacklisted and the ability to send information from it to your messaging client applications will be stopped.


When using the Viber application for iOS to access the service, the instructions that involve blocking other participants in the messenger as a result of its execution are very simple: you have to make a few taps on the screen of the iPhone / iPad and a partner conversations that have become undesirable will be "blacklisted." There are two methods to perform the operation.

Method 1: Messenger Contacts

The first method to block a Viber user and thus deprive him of the ability to send information through messenger is applicable if the participant's data has been entered into the contact list available from the messenger client app for iOS.

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  1. Launch Viber for iPhone and go to "Contacts".by touching the corresponding icon in the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  2. In the contact list, tap the name or avatar of the messaging user whose communication has become unacceptable or unnecessary. In the details screen that opens, tap the pencil image in the upper right. Then press the name of the function "Block contact." at the bottom of the screen.
  3. To confirm the lock, press "Save".. As a result, the Caller ID will be placed on the "blacklist", which is confirmed by a notification that appears briefly at the top.

Method 2: The chat screen

You can get rid of unwanted interlocutors, as well as unknown personalities (not your contact list) sending messages, right from the chat screen in Viber for iPhone.

  1. Open "Cats". in Vyber for iPhone and tap the title of the conversation with the person you are blocking.
  2. Then the actions are bi-directional:
    • If this is the first "encounter" with the information sent by a stranger, and there has been no chat with him, a notification will appear that the contact is not in the messenger's available list. You can immediately block the sender by tapping the link of the same name in the request box.
    • It is also possible to continue viewing the information sent: press «Show message».. After making the decision to block the sender in the future, use the next paragraph in these instructions.
  3. On the chat screen with a spam chat partner, tap their avatar image next to any received message - this will open the sender's information. At the bottom there is an element "Block contact." - click on this link.
  4. The above steps will result in the immediate addition of a new item to the "blacklist" in Vibere.


Since the Viber PC application is essentially just a "mirror" of the client installed on the mobile device, and cannot be operated autonomously, its functionality is largely limited. This also applies to the ability to access the "black list" of other users of the service, as well as the management of the list of blocked accounts - they are simply absent in the Windows version of the messenger.

Thus, so that messages and calls from a certain identifier do not reach the messenger on your computer, you must use the previous recommendations in the article and block the unwanted interlocutor through the Android or iOS version of the Viber application. Synchronization will then come into play and the blacklisted user will not be able to send information not only to their mobile phone / tablet, but also to their desktop / laptop.

As you can see, protecting yourself from unwanted information sent via Viber messenger by other service members is not only possible, but very easy. The only restriction is that only client applications operating in the mobile OS environment are used for blocking.

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