How to block unknown numbers on Android

If you are fed up with calls from unknown or hidden numbers, these calls can be easily blocked with the tools built into the Android phone. It can also be useful if you want to protect your child from questionable calls.

This tutorial details exactly how to block unknown numbers on a clean Android phone and Samsung Galaxy, as well as briefly on Huawei and Xiaomi smartphones. On smartphones from other brands with modern versions of the operating system, all actions will be similar. If you need to block calls from a certain number, use the instruction How to block numbers on Android.

How to block calls from unknown numbers on your Android phone

On phones with the latest versions of Android, blocking calls from undetected (hidden) numbers is done as follows:

  1. Go to the standard Phone app.
  2. Press the menu button in the application and select "Settings".
  3. Go to "Blocked numbers".
  4. Activate "Unknown numbers". Block calls from undefined numbers ».

You can use the "Do not disturb" mode to block detected but unknown numbers by setting it as follows (the path in the settings may vary slightly depending on the Android version, but the mode setting can always be found through search settings, if the item is missing, see the note below):

  1. Go to Settings - Sound - Do not disturb.
  2. In the Calls section, turn on calls from contacts only. Turn off (if necessary) notifications about repeat calls - If turned on, you will hear the call if it repeats within the next 15 minutes.
  3. Activate the sounds of SMS, MMS and messaging (if necessary), change the settings in "Exceptions" if necessary (for example, to keep reminders of the agenda).
  4. Press "Activate" in the "Do not disturb" section to activate the mode.

After this, you will not receive notifications of any calls from those who are not in your agenda. However, these calls will show up in missed calls and you can return them if necessary.

Note: In older versions of Android, the Do Not Disturb option may not be available. In this case, look in the settings of "Sounds and notifications" - "Notification modes", set the mode "Only important notifications" and set "All contacts" in the "Calls and messages from" field.

Another way is to set "No sound" as the ringtone for all calls, and then set the desired ringtone for the contacts separately.

Block unknown numbers on Samsung Galaxy

Blocking calls from unknown numbers on your Samsung Galaxy phone is done in the same way. To block all calls from undetected numbers:

  1. Go to the Phone application, press the menu button and select "Settings".
  2. Go to 'Block numbers' and turn on 'All unknown numbers'.

Generally, judging from the option name, all unknown numbers should be blocked, but it appears that only hidden numbers are blocked. You can also use the "Do not disturb" setting to block numbers that are not in your contact list:

  1. Go to Settings - Notifications and tap Do not disturb.
  2. In the "Do not disturb" settings, go to "Allow exceptions" and set the "Calls from" field to "Contacts only". If necessary, enable or disable notifications for repeated calls from the same number.
  3. Change other options, such as turning on notifications for all messages, calendar events, and more.
  4. In the main "Do not disturb" settings section, toggle the switch to "Activate now".

As with "pure Android", you can set "Silent" as the main ringtone and set the desired ringtones for all contacts, then when calling from unknown numbers you will not hear the ringtone.

On your Xiaomi phone, you can go to Settings - Applications - System applications - Call settings - Anti-spam settings - Call blocking and block calls from unknown numbers.

On Huawei smartphones, in the Phone application, you can go to the Blocked menu and set the call blocking rules there.

Applications to block calls from unknown and hidden numbers

In addition to the tools built into Android, you can always use third-party applications to filter phone spam from Play Market. One of the easiest and clearest free apps is Blacklist, available here:

Finding out how to block unwanted calls in the application I am sure will not be difficult. A couple of other similar apps with rave reviews from users:

video tutorials

If you have your own blocking methods or different instructions for other phone brands, I'd love to hear from you in the comments.