Know How to Catch bees and honey in Minecraft it is possible by following some tips. It can grow honey and speed up harvests with the help of bees. However, raising them is not so easy: they are rare to find on the map and are quite temperamental with those who try to get honey from their nests.

At ik4 let's explain to you where can you find bees, how to catch bees and honey y how to manipulate them to get better crops or make a beehive. Do we start

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Where to find bees and honey

The natural generation of hives in the world of Minecraft occurs only in oaks or birchesHowever, it is extremely rare in most biomes.

Only in biomes Plains, Plains Sunflower and Forest of Flowers the possibilities increase. An even easier way to get bees is plant trees with a flower next to it.

How bees work

Bees always leave the nest during the day looking for pollen, unless it's raining, and they come back at night. During your trip, they look for flowers to get pollen and return to the Nest while pollinate whatever is on its way back.

By manipulating the position of the hives hives, the player can speed up the production rate of your crop causing the bees to pass over their pollen crops.

How to catch bees and make a hive in Minecraftcatch bees and honey in Minecraft

  1. looking for a honeycomb in oak or birch trees.
  2. When you find it place flowers aroundr to facilitate the bees' journey.
  3. Make a glass bottle to catch the honey.
  4. Make a bonfire with a lump of coal, three sticks, three logs of wood and place it under the honeycomb to calm them with smoke.
  5. Wait for the bees enter and exit the hive five times and its appearance should change to indicate that it is filled with Honey.
  6. Interact with the honeycomb with the glass bottle to remove honey or nail clipper to remove the combs.

For, make a beehive, three combs will be needed;

  1. With three honeycombs and six wooden boards, make a hive.
  2. It is possible to attract bees with flowers to your new hive or destroy a nest of bees and run away until they calm down and agree to go to the new house. Be careful, as the bees die some time after stinging the player.
  3. The hive functions as a honeycomb and changes its appearance when full. Place a fire under from the hive to extract honey or honeycomb.
  4. Four bottles of honey can be used to create a honey block which can slow down the fall when touched.

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