How to change the name in Among Us. The game puts players on a ship where they should uncover impostors infiltrating the crew. The game has different maps and different ways to sabotage. A worldwide success, the game of InnerSloth became a real phenomenon in 2020 as the most downloaded game for mobile phones, conquering users through its simple gameplay and multiplayer mode online.

Learn to rename in Among Us it is possible with following a few simple steps. After the update that added the Airship map to the game, you must create an account to change your nickname. For this reason, since Ik4 We want to simplify the process to make the name change from any device.

It is worth mentioning that the game is free to download on Android and iPhone (iOS), paid versions for PC (via Steam, Epic Games and Microsoft Store) and Nintendo Switch.

How to change the name in Among Us step by stepHow to change the name in Among Us step by step

1. On the Among Us main screen, click «Account«.

2. Select «Log In»To log in with your account. If you don't have one, create it using your email or log in from the platform you are playing on. The process is the same in all versions of the game and can be done in a few seconds, just follow the instructions on the screen.

3. Now, you can click on the option «Rename«.

4. Enter the desired name and press “Confirm" to change.

5. Done! Now you can play Among Us with your new name. To change again, access the option «Account«.

This has been it! Have you seen how easy? We hope this article has been useful to you. If you now want learn to install among us on your PC for free, we recommend that you continue browsing Until next time!