How to switch user in Windows 8

If you are not the only user of your computer, you probably need to create several accounts. In this way, you can share personal information and any data. But not all users know how to go from one profile to another, because Windows 8 has slightly changed this procedure, which misleads many people. Let's see how to change your account in this version of the operating system.

How to switch accounts in Windows 8

Using the same account by multiple users can cause inconvenience. To avoid this, Microsoft has allowed us to create multiple accounts on one computer and switch between them at any time. In the new versions of Windows 8 and 8.1, the process of changing from one account to another has been modified, so we bring up the question of how to change user.

Method 1: Through the Start menu

  1. Click the Windows icon in the lower left corner and go to "Starts".. You can also simply press the key combination Win + Shift..

  2. Then in the upper right corner, find the user's avatar and click on it. In the drop-down menu you will see a list of all users who use the computer. Select the desired account.

Method 2: Through the system screen

  1. You can also change your account by pressing the well-known combination Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

  2. This will bring up the system screen where you can select the desired action. Press "Change user". (Switch user).

  3. You will see a screen that shows the avatars of all users registered in the system. Find the desired account and click on it.

By doing these simple manipulations, you can easily switch accounts. We have covered two methods that allow you to quickly switch accounts at any time. Tell your friends and acquaintances these methods, because knowledge is never superfluous.

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