How to change WhatsApp theme on Android and iOS

How to change WhatsApp theme on Android and iOS

The visual aspect of the applications is undoubtedly a factor that affects the user experience, that is, it determines the efficiency and comfort of using the software. Many people rightly consider that the ability to customize the appearance of WhatsApp messenger is an important feature, and in the following article we will tell you how to do it on an Android device and on an iPhone.

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In WhatsApp for Android, changing the design theme is not at all difficult and it will take such a procedure less than a minute of your time. At the time of writing, there are two interface options available to users: light and dark. The only condition for a successful transition to the preferred coloring of the messenger - it must be updated to the current version. The process to change the WhatsApp theme in the "green robot" environment is described in the instructions available at the following link:

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In addition to activating the global design theme offered by the creators of WhatsApp for the application (or in addition to this action), in Android it is available to change individual elements of the messenger interface, in particular, the background of all chats or of one in one. How to change the background in conversations and groups is described in detail in the material published on our website:

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In order to change the theme of the messenger design, WhatsApp for iPhone users might not be the only way:

Whenever operating with iOS 13 and higher, it is necessary to select the layout option (light / dark) in the operating system settings. In this case, the appearance of the messenger will be transformed according to the global interface theme of the activated operating system.

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Instead of switching to another design theme or in addition to this action, and if updating to the current version of Apple's operating system is not possible, less effective, but still affordable methods can be used to change the WhatsApp interface : change the background of chats

and / or activating the option "Smart investment". в "Settings". iOS.

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Thus, we can affirm that there are no particular problems when it comes to changing the design theme in WhatsApp, neither Android users nor those who prefer iOS. Ideally, the current versions of the operating and messaging systems should be used, but it is also possible to change the appearance of the applications considered on devices with outdated software.

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