How to change your email on Steam

How to change your email on Steam

Many users worry about the security of their Steam account, as theft situations are not uncommon. Without an up-to-date email account, it will be more difficult in the future to prove that you are the account owner, and reminders about game sales, purchase information, suspicious activity, and other important information are constantly coming through. That is why it is important to keep your profile linked not only to your mobile phone number, but also to your email address. In this article, we'll show you how to change your email address based on the personal information you have access to.

How to change the mailbox on Steam

In addition to all of the above, you can use your email address to regain access to your account, reset your password. Steam itself regularly checks the availability of your email with an appropriate green bar that asks you to confirm access to your email by sending it a verification code. If you have changed your primary email address or are unable to access it, it is advisable that you transfer your gaming service account to a mailbox where you can connect as soon as possible.

    1. Log into the game client and through "Steam". at the top, go to "Settings"..

  1. In the block. "Bill". press the button "Change contact email address ..."Now the actions will vary based on what you currently have access to.
    • "Enter the Steam Guard Mobile Authentication Code" - if you have a mobile client installed, select this option.
    • "I no longer have access to the mobile authenticator" - when for some reason you cannot get the code, select this option. Stim will suggest alternative ways to authenticate your identity.
    • "Send a message with a confirmation code to a number that ends in ..." - after you have correctly entered your password, Stim will offer to reset your email by sending an SMS to the phone number linked to your account. You will have to wait for the SMS, enter the received symbols and link a new email.
    • "I no longer have access to this phone number.". Use this option as a last resort - without mobile confirmation you will have to make and email a change request to tech support.

    By selecting the second option, you will be asked to fill in the application form, specifying all the requested information as completely and correctly as possible. After that, you just need to wait for the request to be processed. The reply will be sent to the new email address that you have indicated as the contact person. If you successfully unlink the old email, the mailbox indicated in the app will be automatically linked to the account.

  2. When by one means or another you have reached the window with the email change, you have to enter the address that you want to link to the account, and press "Change email.".
  3. A confirmation code will be sent to you. Go to the box, find the Stim card and paste the symbols sent into it in the corresponding field.
  4. Once the procedure is complete, you will see your new email address in the settings window.

We have covered the email change process on Stim. This option may not work if the account has been hacked. In this situation, you have to resort to other ways to get it back.

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