How to charge a laptop without a charger? Many times it has happened to us that even when we have our laptop at hand, by mistake, forgetfulness or technical failures We do not have the way to charge it, and we find ourselves in the need to ask third parties to help us with a charger, but what happens if we do not have that person who always helps us close by. Don't worry, here we will tell you how to charge without the need for a charger.

Alternative charging methods

Next, we will indicate several methods that you can use to charge your laptop, we will start with the basic ones and of course with the most common ones.

Power adapter

These are usually universal, in this case that is the model that we recommend here, the universal. The price of these ranges from $ 30 to $ 120, it will depend on the model and brand you select, remember that each company offers different models that range from the best and with a longer useful life to the least durable, in this case the best. is to select one that suits the budget to your team obviously. They are found in almost all stores in this field.

For those who travel a lot

In the case of frequent travelers, the ideal is the universal adapter in its version for cars, in the same way you can find them in the different stores of the branch, its price as with the previous ones it will vary by model and manufacturer, some models of these adapters have a double ended version that is used for automobiles and airplanes.

External chargers

While this is not the ideal solution, it is quite a viable solution, as external battery chargers they will allow you to charge your battery independently, you just have to remove the battery from the laptop, connect it to the charger and this in turn connects it to the power outlet.

Once you finish charging the battery, put it back in your laptop and that's it. If you have two batteries, it is best to keep the backup battery always charged. You should not forget that these chargers must be in accordance with the model and brand of your laptop.

The Super Battery

Like the previous method, this can only be used externally, that is, as long as the battery of your laptop can be removed to place the super battery in the laptop, the working time of this is 3 to 4 hours, once you exhaust the charge of this you must place it to charge, this would be the spare or backup battery.

USB cables

USB cables or USB adapters, you will not be able to use them under any circumstancesSo if you thought of this as an alternative, we recommend not wasting your time, one because you will not be able to charge and two because you could end up causing a lot of damage to the battery or the laptop.