How to clear search history in Google Play Store

How to clear search history in Google Play Store

The Google application store, pre-installed on most Android smartphones, like the company's search engine, stores the history of the queries entered in it. If necessary, it can be deleted, and then we will tell you how to do it.

It is important. You can only delete the Google Play Store search history for the device you are using. If you have more than one, for example, a mobile phone and a tablet, and you want to delete this data in each of them, you must carry out the actions described below first in one and then in the other.

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Method 1: Application menu

The easiest option, although not the most obvious, to solve our problem today is to refer to the main menu of the brand's store on Android.

    1. Open the Google Play Store and access its menu by clicking on the three horizontal bars that appear at the beginning of the search bar or by sliding your finger from left to right.

    1. Go to the section "Settings"..
    2. Click on the item. "Clear search history"All searches entered on this unit will be erased. Optionally, you can erase your wish list by first selecting "Google Play Settings".and then press «Clear the wish list».

After completing these steps, you can close the store or continue using it, creating a search history from scratch.

Method 2: System Settings

There is another more radical option that allows you to delete not only search queries, but also other data accumulated by the Google Play Store during its use. This procedure does not entail any negative consequences, moreover, its application is recommended in cases where there are problems in the work of the application store.

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    1. As you want, run "Settings". and navigate there to the section "Requests and notices". (Another possible name is. "Appendices".).
    2. Touch «Show all applications» (or similar in cases other than the "pure" Android operating system).

    1. In the list of installed programs, search for Google Play Market and tap on it.
    2. Then open a subsection "Storage and Cache.".
    3. Click the button. "Vault cleared." and confirm your intentions in the pop-up window.

In this way, you and I have removed all temporary data from the program, and with it, the search history.

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As you can see, deleting search history in Play Market on Android is even easier than Google search.

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